Principal Strassman lifts ban on Halloween costumes

Liberty High School is bringing back the tradition of allowing senior students to wear Halloween costumes at school.

“Dress-Up Day was cancelled last year because the costumes had become disruptive to the school day,” Principal Jack Strassman told members of the Board of Education during their Oct. 14 meeting. More than 30 high school seniors had attended that board meeting to ask for Dress-Up Day to be reinstated.

“I’m proud of the way you’ve presented yourselves,” Mr. Strassman told the seniors after they addressed the board. “You’ve voiced your opinions respectfully.”

Mr. Strassman explained that his decision to ban the 2013 Dress-Up Day was prompted by several teacher complaints that students were arriving to class late and distracting their peers.

“Students would pay more attention to the costumes than what was being taught in the classroom,” he said.
There was also a safety element to consider, Mr. Strassman said, explaining that in recent years, students would throw pieces of hard candy, hitting their peers.

Earlier this fall, senior students approached Mr. Strassman with the request to reinstate the tradition, telling him they would be willing to work with the district to ensure Dress-Up Day would not interfere with learning activities or pose a safety hazard.

Following the board meeting, Mr. Strassman discussed the matter with parents, students, teachers and district-level administration and has now agreed to let high school seniors bring costumes to school on Friday, Oct. 31.

“The reason I am allowing the day is because the seniors have presented themselves well and have gone through the proper channels respectfully,” Mr. Strassman said. “They have spoken with teachers, the superintendent and the board of education. I am very proud of the way they are handling themselves.”

Mr. Strassman plans to meet with the seniors again on Monday, Oct. 20, to discuss rules and expectations for Dress-Up Day.

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