Phase II project work will begin in March

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Beginning in March, contractors will start preparing for various upgrades in the high school as part of the Phase II Capital Project that was approved by voters in May 2015. The following letter was sent home to parents and staff on Feb. 24.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

There’s been plenty of behind-the-scenes activity in the twenty months since district residents approved a $9.6 million capital improvement proposal to fix structural issues and enhance learning spaces at Liberty High School.

Beginning in March, contractors from the Milcon Construction Company will start preparing for various upgrades through the high school, beginning with the removal of non-friable (non-hazardous) asbestos embedded in the caulk in the school’s window frames.

Because this work will take place in low-traffic areas and after school hours, we expect minimal disruptions to regular school operations or to community members who use district facilities. During the caulk removal portion of the project, the building will be protected with layers of plastic. All work will be performed during off-school hours and weekends and no unauthorized personnel will be in close proximity to the work.

The caulk removal is expected to begin on or around March 20 and be completed during the summer.

The work will be performed by Milcon Construction Company, a licensed Asbestos Contractor from Albany, NY with a long history of safe and reliable work. Please be assured that the work presents no health hazard and the air will be tested and certified by the Keystone air-monitoring firm throughout the project.

I hope this information will answer any questions you may have. If not, please feel free to contact me directly at my office by calling (845) 292-6990.


William Silver, Ed.D.

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