LES safety patrol takes pride in protecting others

Mariely has been looking forward to fourth-grade so that she could join the Liberty Elementary School Safety Patrol. Safety Patrol is an ambassador program open to select fourth-grade students. Patrol officers serve on a rotating basis.

Two students hold patrol vest
Fourth-grader Mariely (on left) receives her new patrol vest from her classmate, Elizabeth.

Earlier this week, Mariely was given the orange and yellow vest she’d been so excited to receive.

Before they begin, patrol officers receive training on how to be a role model for safe and respectful conduct in the halls. During their service, they participate in Safety Patrol meetings with district leaders and school resource officers.

Their signature orange and yellow vest represents a commitment to helping promote a safety learning environment for all students and staff at Liberty Elementary School.

A group of students wearing orange and yellow safety vest pose in a photo with school resource officer Devin Brust.
Passing the torch: former patrol officers passed their vests on to the newest unit on Feb. 27.

What’s more, is that the patrol program promotes the development of leadership skills and citizenship qualities.

You might see Mariely or one of her peers at the school’s crosswalk, entrance or hallways. Don’t forget to say hi!



More about the program:

Students are nominated by their teachers to apply for the Safety Patrol Program. They fill out an application and have an interview with Assistant Principal England, Senior Typist Green and School Resource Officer Brust. Duties are assigned by Mrs. Green based on need. Officer duties may include monitoring tthe bus line, main lobby, “kiss and drop” parking area and stairways.

Officers also voluntarily eat lunch during the end of recess and “patrol” the cafeteria during fourth- grade lunch. They also help pick up and wash down the tables.

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