Liberty schools will be open on Friday, Sept. 21

The Monticello Central School District will be closing its doors on  Friday, Sept. 21, as they continue to investigate a social media posting which threatened violence on Monticello schools.

Our School Resource Officers and the Village of Liberty Police Department are aware of the situation and, even though there is no direct threat against our district, they have increased their presence at our schools.

The Liberty Central School District will remain open on Friday, Sept. 21.

We urge anyone who has any information about this threat to contact the Monticello Police Department or the Sullivan County Sheriff with information regarding any leads. 

While we cannot detail all aspects of our security plans, we’d want take a few minutes and remind you about what is in place and provide you with some information about our ongoing efforts.

Training and Protocols

We review security protocols with staff throughout the year and, as you know, practice response drills to a variety of different situations with our students. We have comprehensive building- and district-level safety plans and an active district safety committee. This committee includes district administrators, police and fire officials, operational staff and teachers.

We utilize the intercom or “buzz in” procedures in our buildings, and continue to review where, and when, building access should be more restricted. As part of our ongoing work, we will be identifying additional training and/or exercises that can enhance our emergency preparedness. We are also discussing the possibility of upgrading to our security system, resulting in improved capabilities across all our schools.

Strong Relationship with Police

We have a strong working relationship with the Village of Liberty Police Department and do not hesitate to call law enforcement to our schools as needed. Police are regularly in our buildings for specific issues and events and we regularly seek law enforcement guidance in how we can be proactive and provide staff with the most up-to-date training. Our School Resource Officers patrol each of our school buildings regularly.

If You See Something, Say Something

It is also important to emphasize that our students and families are a critical part of keeping our schools safe. We encourage students to talk to an adult at school whenever they have a concern or notice something that does not seem right, and we ask all of you to do the same.  Students may also report an anonymous Quick Tip at this link.

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