NYS Certified Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director

POSITION AVAILABLE: NYS Certified Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director
(Director of Interscholastic Athletics and Director of Health/Physical Education K-12)
HOURS: Full Time Hours, Tenure Track Position
LOCATION: Liberty High School, Buckley St., Liberty
EFFECTIVE DATE: September 1, 2019
PROFESSIONAL: NYS Certified Physical Education Teacher, additional certifications preferred
EXPERIENCE: High School – Teaching and Coaching experience preferred
SALARY: Based on experience and the current LFA Agreement

Email: dadams@libertyk12.org
DUE DATE: June 26, 2019
APPLY VIA: www.olasjobs.org

JOB DESCRIPTION Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director

Job Goal: To provide substantial and effective leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining comprehensive interscholastic athletic and district Physical Education & Health programs.

1.  Administrative Certification (preferred);  NYS Physical Education Teaching Certification;  Coaching Certification;
2. Minimum of three (3) years of coaching experience (preferred);
3.  Standard CPR and First Aid Certifications;
4. Demonstrated effective experience in working collaboratively with  administration, faculty, staff, students, and parents;
5. Demonstrated effective experience in planning, communication, budget, and public relations.

General Responsibilities:
1. Comply with New York State policies and the regulations associated with New York State Public High School Athletic Association, and with School Board Policy relating to athletics.
2. Promote good sportsmanship as a priority of the athletic program.
3. Recommend policies for control of athletic contests, provide a program for educating spectators, and coordinate chaperones and other supervision.
4. Schedule athletic contests and make arrangements for officials, field crews, transportation, supervision (crowd control), and medical services for the interscholastic athletic program.
5. Meet with all school principals on a regular basis to discuss the athletic and intramural programs.
6. Represent the school district at conferences, meetings, and athletic councils at the local, regional, state or national level, subject to approval of the principal and superintendent of schools.
7. Plan policies and procedures for emergency care, such as victims of accident, injury or sudden illness.
8. Supervise interscholastic awards.
9. Organize and direct tournaments.
10. Prepare written reports for administrators within the district and the State Education Department regarding athletics, Physical Education & Health.
11. Perform various assignments as required by the high school, middle school, and elementary school principals.
12. Organize and plan opportunities for professional development of Physical Education & Health staff.
13. Supervise and develop a plan for reviewing and updating curriculum maps for Physical Education & Health.
14. Implement an Adaptive Physical Education program.
15. Plan and organize conference day activities or meetings that pertain to Physical Education & Health (i.e., department meetings, visitations, etc.).
16. Supervise and organize any Physical Education, Health or athletic grants, as well as seeking them out for the district.
17. Ensure that the district is following State Physical Education & Health Standards and Objectives.
18. Develop and implement a strategic plan to accomplish the job goal.
19. Study needs and make recommendations to the elementary school, middle school or high school principal for construction, modification, and/or alteration of indoor and outdoor facilities related to athletics and Physical Education & Health.
20. Arrange and/or conduct periodic inspection of facilities and equipment and recommend necessary maintenance and repairs, particularly related to students’ health and safety, to the head custodian or grounds supervisor.
21. Schedule, assign and regulate the equitable use of indoor and outdoor facilities for educational and recreational purposes by school groups.
22. Work with the grounds supervisor on preparing and maintenance of all practice and game fields.

Equipment & Supplies:
23. Ensure that all student participants have the equipment required to practice and compete safely.
24. Organize and supervise the management of instructional and athletic equipment, materials, and supplies (includes the selection, purchase, identification, storage, inventory, maintenance, and equitable distribution of supplies) for interscholastic and modified athletic teams.
25. Prepare long-term plans for purchase of equipment and supplies.
26. Devise procedures for providing, controlling, and maintaining athletic uniforms.

Business Management:
27. Supervise the collection, custody, and deposit of money collected as ticket, sales, gate receipts, and special projects.
28. Develop a budget including provisions for new and replacement equipment, supplies, maintenance, and personnel services.
29. Provide for the allocation of funds in accordance with budgetary appropriations, accounting and reporting procedures.
30. Initiate, approve, or authorize all athletic requisitions, examine and approve bills for payment for equipment, supplies, materials, and services and consult with the principals on the purchase of Physical Education & Health equipment.

Supervision & Training:
31. Coordinate with nurses and building principals for the scheduling of medical examinations for candidates of athletic teams and establish follow-up procedures to secure correction of defects.
32. Assist with records of all athletes checked to determine provision for insurance coverage and required physical examinations, and eligibility for athletic competition.
33. Organize and/or advise student groups related to athletics.
34. Recruit and recommend coaches and intramural staff for appointment, subject to the agreement of the building principal. Assist the building principals in reaching closure of the final selection of regular classroom teachers as their appointment relates to a vacant intramural or coaching position and assist all principals on the appointment of Physical Education & Health staff.
35. Assure that coaches meet New York State coaching certification requirements.
36. Help prepare and coordinate schedules of coaches for all phases of the athletic program.
37. Disseminate information and stimulate interest pertaining to seminars, workshops, extensions courses, conferences, clinics, and research at the local, state, district, and national level.

Public Relations:
38. Act as liaison or moderator to any Booster Club or parent support group and recommend and supervise the faculty advisor to the Varsity Club.
39. Develop and supervise a system of news releases to area media relating to schedules and the achievements of teams, players, and coaches.
40. Develop, maintain, and coordinate effective relationships and high morale relating to the athletic program among teachers, students, coaches, parents, community and state organizations.

School Year Responsibilities:
41. For the school year, the appointed teacher shall serve as the District’s Athletic Director (AD) and Director of Health/PE, and shall carry out all responsibilities associated with that position.
a. As part of these responsibilities, the AD shall serve as recruiting officer for all interscholastic coaching and supervisory positions, arrange for all such positions to be properly posted, and shall make recommendations to the Middle School and High School Principal for appointments to fill those positions by the Board of Education.

42. During that time, the AD will be relieved of 2 daily teaching periods (.04 FTE) and shall be paid a stipend in accordance with the LFA contract for all hours worked as Athletic Director.
43. The AD shall also serve as Director of Health/PE K-12 and shall carry out all responsibilities associated with that position, including but not limited to attending department chair meetings, and shall be paid the stipend in accordance with the LFA contract.

Summer Responsibilities:
44. During the summer months (July and August), the AD shall continue to serve as the District’s Athletic Director and shall continue to carry out all responsibilities associated with that position.
45. During that time, the AD shall submit a weekly record of his/her actual hours worked and shall be paid at the LFA contract rate for summer curriculum work. Total compensation for July and August shall not
exceed $3700, without the prior written approval of the Superintendent of Schools.

Immediate Supervisor: Assistant Superintendent of Schools

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