Seniors prepare to become student mentors


Students  helping students – and logging community service hours, to boot!

The middle/high school monitoring/mentoring program that matches
high school seniors with middle school students is back.

What is a mentor? Mentors act more like siblings or friends, rather than parents or teachers, and visit students during lunch to spend time together. Students may talk about class, do homework or talk about their personal concerns, but it’s also perfectly fine to shoot hoops or play on the playground.

Before they can officially become mentors, the seniors who expressed an interest in becoming a mentor took part in a training session provided by Thomas J. Ellison, Prevention Specialist at the Sullivan County BOCES.

Mr. Ellison presented information on the roles and responsibilities of student monitors, including how to model appropriate behavior and be a mentor as well as an “extra set of eyes” in the cafeteria. He also reviewed the function of social normal and the middle school’s behavioral expectations.

Mr. Ellison also trained students in how not to ‘M.I.S.’ anything – that is, to Move, Interact, and Scan the area under supervision and how to alert the adults of a possible situation.  As part of this, the seniors were also trained in how to recognize bullying behaviors, and how to intervene in a situation effectively.

Twenty-eight seniors participated in the training and are excited to be able to work with younger students in the Middle School.  Mr. Richard Schacher, Liberty Middle School Assistant Principal, and Ms. Shawn Davis, Liberty Middle/High School Assistant Principal will be monitoring the program as the year progresses.

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