Math, Physics students learn at Hershey Park

On Friday, Apr. 27, fifty-four students and six staff members attended Math Day at Hershey Park. Math teacher Liz Fuentes said “It was absolutely incredible! It is a day that none of us will forget.”

Pre-calculus, calculus, and physics students all were a part of the day. Each class had a different math or physics Lab that was supplied by the park. Each group was responsible for completing the lab they were assigned. The labs assigned were as follows:

Calculus- SuperDooperLooper Lab (Find the relationship between position and velocity)
Physics- The Pirate (Potential vs Kinetic Energy)
Pre-calculus- Circular Function Machines (Graphing data, line of best fit, and rate of change)

The students had to ride or observe various rides throughout the park and gather data. Using the data collected the students are now finishing the required labs.

Every student also attended a presentation made by a member of the Hershey Park Rides Department. The thirty minute presentation highlighted the two new attractions, Breakers Edge and Whitecap Racer. The presenter discussed math components that were utilized in construction and execution of the rides. The presentation highlighted engineering details and mentioned fun facts about the new rides. The presenter also discusses queues and algorithms used to increase the efficiency of riding the attractions. Everyone was given graphs that represented possible ridership compared to the demand for the ride. While the students looked at these graphs, the presenter asked the students what they observed from the information provided and for their analysis of the situation. The calculus students were asked how to find the area between the curves on these graphs. They then used integration to help them figure out how many people weren’t able to enjoy the rides. The exercise connected a unit the students had just finished in class with a real-world problem. The students enjoyed the presentation and enjoyed being some of the first people to see the new rides.