Making reading fun

Making reading fun for middle school students can often be a tall
order. Reading may be one of the most important skills students
learn, but not every student learns to read the same way.

As young children grow increasingly immersed in digital devices,
creative teachers from Liberty Middle School are proving there are
plenty of great ways to get children excited about reading on
their own for fun.

Take Heidi Wodjat, for example. As an AIS reading teacher, her
primary goal is to make reading an easy, engaging and enjoyable
experience for students.

“It’s important to me that I show my students that reading can be
fun. My biggest goal is that students say they enjoy reading
before they leave my classroom,” Mrs. Wodjat said.

Currently, her students are learning how to infer. When readers
infer, they use their prior knowledge and textual clues to draw
conclusions and form unique interpretations of text. Using clues
to “read between the lines” helps a reader reach a deeper

Using single stripes of color to represent each ingredient, artist
Dan Kenneally creates abstract paintings of well-known sandwiches
which requires the viewer to draw inferences to discover which
sandwich is featured.

Following this activity and using the same concept in reading, students
from Mrs. Wodjat’s class are learning how to infer so that they
can go below the surface details to see what is actually implied
within the words of the story.

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