LMS welcomes George O’Connor for Author Day

The latest installment in the Liberty Middle School annual Author Day series was a presentation by George O’Connor on Friday, May 26.

O’Connor is the author of several picture books, including The New York Times bestseller The Olympians, a 12-part series of graphic novels about Greek mythology for young readers.

Liberty Middle School librarian Jill Parks introduced O’Connor to students, who took their places seated in the front section in the high school’s auditorium.

O’Connor told the students, “I was introduced to the Greek gods in fourth grade.” He said he was the type of student who would draw in his notebook during math class. “I spent the rest of the year studying Greek mythology. It changed everything for me.”

He showed them a drawing of his head “exploding with ideas the way Athena [god of war] was born from the head of Zeus [king of the gods].”

O’Connor projected a photo of his drawing of the cast of characters from The Olympians. Liberty students came prepared and are now well versed in their knowledge of Greek mythology.

As O’Connor pointed to each Greek god, students would shout out “Zeus,” “Ares,” “Aphrodite” or “Hera.”

Following the presentation, eight students from each grade were chosen at random to have a private lunch with O’Connor.

In addition, art-minded students were invited to spend time with O’Connor at a one-on-one art workshop.

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