LMS student reportedly approached by stranger

Update: Oct. 25, 2014

On Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014, the Liberty Police Department notified Liberty Central School District officials that the reported incident in which a student said she was approached by a stranger on Oct. 23 has been resolved. Police located the vehicle, spoke to the driver and determined that he was the parent of a Liberty student, and he had been trying to get the attention of his child. The student who reported the incident mistakenly thought the man was calling to her, according to police.

The Liberty Police Department has stated that the incident was not criminal in nature, and no students were in any danger at any time.

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Original article: Oct. 24, 2014

On Friday, Oct. 24, the Liberty Police Department notified school officials that a middle school student reported a man attempted to lure her into his vehicle during afternoon dismissal Thursday in the Liberty High School parking lot.

The student told police she was walking home from school between 3 and 3:05 p.m. when a man who appeared to be Caucasian and between 30 and 35 years whistled at her and told her to get in his vehicle. She said she ran ahead to join a group of friends, and walked the rest of the way with them to her home. The student said she was not physically harmed in any way.

Officers have footage of the incident from the school’s surveillance cameras, and their investigation is ongoing. The car is a blue van. Anyone who has information about this incident, or who has seen anything suspicious, is asked to call the Liberty Police Department at (845) 292-4422.

“The school district’s first priority is always the safety of its students,” said Superintendent William Silver. “We encourage everyone to pay attention to their surroundings and be mindful of some basic safety procedures.”

Dr. Silver offered the following safety tips:

• It is always best to walk to and from school in groups, whether it is with siblings, neighbors or parents.
• Walk against traffic as this makes it harder to be followed. Also, observe all stop signs, traffic lights and crossing guard instructions.
• If approached by a stranger, do not talk to them; instead, run away.
• Children should know safe places within their walk route to and from school that they can run to — whether it is back to school, a store, a friend’s or neighbor’s house, or an open office building.
• Students should talk to an adult — parents, teachers and/or their principal or another staff member — about anything that makes them feel unsafe.

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