LMS MathCounts team advances to state competition

Four students sit a a table posing for a photoThe Liberty Middle School MathCounts team’s first foray into in-person competition since COVID earned the team a spot in state competition.

The LMS team traveled to the Dutchess County Community College on Saturday, Feb. 4, to compete. 

The MathCounts team consisted of Liliana Crespo, Titus Donmoyer, Marques Fields and Isiah Johnson. The competition included two independent rounds followed by a team round before determining winners of the competition. The LMS team was able to clench third place to advance to the state competition in March.

Students sit at tables on risers facing forwardStudents were able to compete in the independent challenge in a head-to-head competition. Three of the LMS team members — Lili, Isiah and Marques — placed in the top 12 and were able to compete. Lili made it into the second round. All students were eventually knocked out of the independent competition, but the students said it was their favorite.

The team is now looking forward to its next competition in Saratoga Springs for the state contest.