Liberty students clean headstones

On a Saturday afternoon in September Liberty High School Honor students and school advisor, Ms. Cindy Nolan met a the Old Liberty cemetery to learn how to correctly clean headstones from Marianne Greenfield of Gravestone Cleaning Service.

The group was instructed on how to use of D/2, the preferred cleaner of stones, and nylon brushes to clean and preserve the stones. Buckets of water and scrub brushes were provided so that each person could clean their own stone. The freshly sprayed stones began to reveal bits names, dates, family relationships, scripture verses and designs that were hidden under the grime.

The students who were involved in this community service project were:
Gavin Racette
Jarod Hellerer
Gabby Fontana
Megan Culton
Nichole Connal
Nicholas Connal
Ted Torres
Leydi Gonzalez
Yasiris Hernandez

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