Liberty, Rolling V introduce “Here Comes The Bus”

Are the school buses running on time?

In the past, caregivers would only know, unless a bus was significantly off schedule, by watching the stop.

This year, Liberty Central School District and our transportation provider Rolling V Bus Corp. have partnered to help give parents and guardians the piece of mind of knowing where their child is through the “Here Comes the Bus” program.

Once signed up, parents and guardians can track their child’s bus through the computer or a mobile app, and get an email or push notifications once the bus gets close. If a bus is significantly off schedule, an email and push notification will also be sent.

To sign up, caregivers will need the school code, 29018, and their students’ school ID numbers, available through SchoolTool. Sign up can be done by signing in to, and following the instructions. The mobile app can be downloaded via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching “Here Comes the Bus.”

If a child has multiple last names separated by a space, the name should be input into the system with the space removed (ie Davis Jones would be DavisJones), as the system does not allow spaces.. Hyphenated names may be input as normal.

After signing up, it takes about 24 hours to be able to view the bus. At this time tracking is only available for regular morning and afternoon assigned bus routes. The app tracks the bus, not the student, so if a student is not on their regular bus, a parent or guardian will not be able to view the alternate route.

Here Comes the Bus offers several instructional videos, including How to register via desktop, How to register on a mobile device, How to add students, How to update and change notifications. More instructional videos are available on the website

There is also a page of frequently asked questions and a support page.

If parents and guardians are having difficulty tracking their child’s bus, they can reach out to Rolling V Liberty Bus Terminal at 845-292-4485 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.