Liberty Middle School hosts successful lockdown drill

At the Liberty Central School District, safety drills are an important first step in keeping our schools, students, and staff safe. Safety drills allow administrators, staff and students to mitigate, prepare for and recover from a variety of incidents. We want our families to have a better understanding of the different drills we practice throughout the year so that they feel more prepared. Click here for guidance on the types of safety drills that occur within our schools.

On Dec. 20, the Liberty Middle School successfully conducted a lockdown drill. School officials are happy to report that the drill went smoothly and congratulations are in order for our students and staff. The drill lasted approximately twenty minutes, from 1:45 p.m. to 2:02 p.m.

The school district’s lockdown protocols were developed with the guidance and assistance of the district’s safety committee and Village of Liberty Police Department. We believe they deserve a special thanks for their continued support and presence in our building. Our goals, at all times, are to protect the safety of our students and staff, to keep parents and guardians informed, and to prevent any unnecessary anxiety.

We encourage parents and guardians to review this information with their child on occasion and/or use this as an opportunity to discuss your family’s personal emergency plan (i.e: who to contact if an emergency outside of school occurs, etc.) If you have any questions about the drill, please call the middle school’s main office at  (845) 292-5400 ext. 2300.

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