Liberty faculty, staff learn how to ‘stop the bleed’

Two teachers tie a tourniquet to another teacherDuring last Friday’s Superintendent Conference Day, the teachers were the students, and the lesson they learned could save a life.

Professionals from OPERATION ENDEAVOR were on hand to teach Stop the Bleed, a program that demonstrates how to recognize and control life-threatening bleeding.

Participants were shown the steps that need to be taken to address serious bleeding before first responders arrive.

“At Liberty, we believe it’s critical for faculty and staff to have the basic knowledge and a comfort level so that they can take action, if needed, during a medical emergency,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore said.

The Stop the Bleed program was born in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, but it provides a skill set that can be applied in many situations.

As part of the lesson, teachers were able to practice their newly learned skills – which included applying pressure, packing a wound and placing a tourniquet – on prosthetic limbs and on each other. A teacher practices tying a tourniquet around another teachers leg.

“Our number one priority is to keep students, faculty and staff safe,” Dr. Tornatore said. “It’s likely that someone in this building, at some point in their lives, will witness a bleeding emergency and they can help save a life.”

Stop the Bleed will be taught to faculty and staff members from Liberty schools by the end of March. District leaders also plan to purchase trauma kits for each school building.

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