Class of 2017 turns their tassels

Liberty Central School District graduated its Class of 2017 in a June 24 ceremony that looked back on the graduates’ 13-year journey and celebrated the days still to come.

As students accepted their diplomas, the community looked on with pride, whether they were supporting their own children or someone else’s.

In a graduation ceremony filled with words of advice and reflection, the members of the graduating class heard a larger theme; to stay humbled in this wild world and to tackle it with thought, rationale and kindness.

In his speech, Liberty High School Principal Jack Strassman described the need to keep perspective, stay grounded and to always look for the “helpers,” as one can never know what challenges or misfortunes we may witness.

Superintendent Dr. Silver noted that although we often treat commencement as the end of a journey that is not what the word actually means.

“Commencement isn’t the celebration of ending. It’s the beginning of the next phase of your life,”; he said, encouraging students to measure their success by the esteem of the graduating classes’; friends, family and community.

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