LHS Color Wars begin Feb. 27

Liberty High School’s annual clash of the classes will begin on
Monday, Feb. 27. Students will earn points for their respective
graduating class by dressing up for the following Spirit Days:

Monday, Feb. 27: Decades Day
Choose your favorite decade and dress the part! Are you a flapper
from the 20s? A hippie from the 60s or 70s? A rocker from the 80s?
Love the grunge of the 90s? Dress the part from head to toe!

Tuesday, Feb 28: Twin Day
Grab a friend and dress alike! Just because you’re both wearing
jeans doesn’t make you a twin—how matchy-matchy can you get?!
Bonus points for triplets!

Wednesday, March 1: Dress to Impress Day
Dig out your fanciest clothes and dress up today! Wear something
fabulous! School dress code still applies.

Thursday, March 2: USA Day
Show your patriotism! Wear your finest red, white, and blue! Stars
and stripes optional.

Friday, March 3: Class Color Day
Freshmen will make up the blue class; sophomores will make up the
green class, juniors will make up the orange class and seniors
will make up the purple class. Faculty and staff will wear pink.

On Thursday, March 2, students can stay after school to decorate
the halls. For more information, please see a Student Council

Official Rules:
Gain points for color wars

Each morning in homeroom, teachers will tally up the amount of
students participating on each grade level. In order to count
toward your class total, students must be in homeroom. Homeroom
teachers have final say in whether an outfit is appropriate and
meets participation requirements.

Keep all outfits appropriate.
All outfits must adhere to the Liberty High School dress code
which can be found in the student agenda. Pajamas and onesies must
cover a student’s chest, midriff, groin and buttocks. Pajamas
should not be revealing and must be kept closed, zippered,
buttoned, etc. Slippers are not allowed. Regular clothing must be
worn underneath onesies.

For a full list of rules, please refer to to the student agenda or
ask a teacher.

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