LES names Artist of the Month

Every month, one student will be chosen by Ms. Euker as Artist
of the Month. Students are chosen based on good behavior, hard work
and passion. Chosen students will receive a certificate and have
their artwork is displayed in the lobby of Liberty Elementary
School’s main entrance.

Congratulations to Cara DeBartolo in Ms. Maopolski’s fourth grade

Cara says, “My favorite thing about art is to be creative. I like
to sculpt instead of draw because it lets me use my hands.”

When she’s not working on her class art projects, Cara spends her
time drawing her favorite animals.
Cara also said that her dream job would combine her love for art
with her love for animals.

“Being an artist runs in my family. My brother also likes to

Cara will receive a special certificate and have her artwork is
displayed in the lobby of the school’s main entrance.

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