LES holds UNICEF fund-raising drive

The third grade classes from Liberty Elementary School hosted a
UNICEF drive this past fall. Students in third grade received small
donation boxes and asked friends, family and community members for
donations to UNICEF in an attempt to raise as much money as

In addition, students took their fundraising effort to the streets
by going door-to-door on Halloween night throughout the community.

The students’ dedication to their fundraising project paid off.
Once all the donations had been counted, the group managed to
raise $457.83. After UNICEF tripled the donation, the grand total
came to $1,373.49, all of which will go toward improving access to
safe water and sanitation facilities.

However; one students’ efforts in particular seemed to go above
and beyond, according to third grade teacher Ms. Alyssa Cinque.
One of her students, Colin Doeinck, became very passionate about
the cause and rose over $300 all by himself.

“My neighbor works at a popular chiropractor’s office, so I asked
if I could put a donation box in his office. My mom, dad and
grandparents helped, too, and I emptied my whole piggy bank for
the cause.”

For two months, Colin and his peers counted each penny, nickel and
dime as the donations rolled in, and they began to get excited
while considering all the good the money could do. For example, it
costs $400 to install a pump in a village to provide clean water
for dozens of families.

“My favorite part of the UNICEF fundraiser was passing my goal,”
Colin said. “It makes me happy to help kids get clean clothes,
food and water – things that my friends and I have but they



UNICEF works in 100+ countries to give children and families
clean, safe drinking water; teach healthy hygiene; and provide
access to toilets and sanitation.

Learn more about
UNICEF Water 101 here.

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