Isolation and quarantine order from the Sullivan County Manager

On April 14, an emergency order was issued by Sullivan County Manager Joshua Potosek and approved by the NYS Department of Health, to assist the Department of Public Health Services with reinforcing the importance of Isolation & Quarantine orders to help reduce community transmission of COVID-19.

Any Sullivan County resident that has been issued an Isolation or Quarantine order by Public Health Services has either has:

  • been placed on isolation due to a positive COVID-19 test, or
  • placed on quarantine if they have been determined to be a close contact (exposed) to someone who has tested positive

Given the increasing number of positive cases in Sullivan County and the increasing number of community residents on quarantine, it is imperative that we help spread the word that anyone who is on quarantine remain at home if they are under an official quarantine order until they  are notified by Public Health Services that their quarantine period is over.

Staff or students who need to pick up supplies or run errands in the community are strongly urged to wear cloth face masks while doing so.

Under no circumstances if someone is under an isolation or quarantine order should they leave their home, even to run essential errands.

Arrangements should be made for someone to pick up or drop off supplies, food, medicine, etc. even if they are still working from home.

The only exception to this guidance may be in special circumstances for health care workers or essentials workers who are asymptomatic and have been given permission to work by Public Health Services with a face mask as long as they remain symptom free. Daily monitoring of symptoms is required.

Employers of essential workers are required to provide face masks to their employees. Should there be non-compliance with essential employees wearing face masks when within 6 ft of others at work, it is suggested you create a temporary policy to make it a requirement during this time of increased community transmission.