In the language of art: fourth grade art postcard exchange

Mrs. Tracie Euker’s fourth grade art classes have recently embarked in an international post card exchange with fifth grade students from the Dangchon Elementary School in Seongnam City, Korea.

Earlier this year, Mrs. Tracie Euker connected with Ms. Ilyoung Jeon through the internet. Together they designed an international post card exchange project to allow their students to experience the universal culture of art.

“We wanted our students learn about the similarities between us, despite our cultural differences,” said Mrs. Euker. “The exchange also assist the Korean students with their English skills and teach our American students about Korean culture and language.”

What’s more, said Mrs. Euker, is that all of the students are experiencing the good, old fashioned thrill of giving and receiving tangible mail a practice that is sadly almost extinct in today’s digital age.

Through the exchange, American and Korean students designed their art cards with symbolism popular to their culture and on the back wrote about themselves, their families, and hobbies and in some cases hopes and dreams.

Liberty Elementary School students say they have learned many things about their Korean friends. They learned what Korean writing looks like, how to pronounce some Korean words, about Kimchi (the most popular traditional Korean food) and taekwondo (the country’s leading traditional sport).

“The students were excited to find out Korean students are able to read and write English just like we do, draw pictures just like we do and enjoy computer games and pizza as much as we do,” Mrs. Euker said.

Mrs. Euker and Ms. Jeon hope the students learn valuable life lessons from the exchange and continue to keep in touch wither their new international pen pals through the universal language of ART.

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