Important message regarding power, service outages

We understand that many of our friends and neighbors in the area have limited power, cell phone service and/or internet access.

While we don’t anticipate a delay or closure on Monday, we know the weather can be unpredictable, certain roads may still be dangerous and our SchoolMessenger alerts may not reach you.

In the event of a delay or closing, announcements will be posted to our website ( and Facebook page and submitted to our local radio stations.

Think back to those old school PTA style “phone trees” and use this time to identify who in your circle of friends has the most reliable internet and/or cell phone service. If you see a posting from us, please pass it on to whoever you can! It takes a village.

We will be exploring our roads and bus routes tomorrow. If you have any information that you could share with us about your area (power outages, impassable roads, etc.) please comment below.

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