General Student Calendar for 2018-19


The general student calendar of the 2018-19 academic year was adopted by the Liberty Central School District Board of Education on Feb. 13, 2018 and amended on April 3, 2018.  This calendar, which will be available in student’s planners, lists the following conference days and holidays:

Sept. 3: Labor Day (Closed)
Sept. 4-5: Conference Days (Closed for Students)
Sept. 6: First Day for Students

Oct. 5: Conference Day (Closed for Students)
Oct. 8: Columbus Day (Closed)

Nov. 12: Veterans’ Day (Closed)
Nov. 21-23: Thanksgiving Break (Closed)

Dec. 24-Jan 1: Winter Break (Closed)

Jan. 21: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Closed)
Jan. 22-25: Regents Exams

Feb. 15: Conference Day (Closed for Students)
Feb. 18: Presidents’ Day (Closed)

March 15: Conference Day (Closed for Students)

April 15-22: Spring Break (Closed)

May 21: Budget Vote and Election
May 27: Memorial Day (Closed)

June 3: Regents Exams
June 18-25: Regents Exams
June 26: Rating Day, Last Day of School for Students
June 27: Conference Half Day
June 28: Liberty High School Graduation

A note about snow days
The district has ten snow days built into the school year.

If the district uses five snow days by Feb. 8, then Feb. 18 would become a student day.

If the district uses eight snow days by March 8, then March 15 would become a student day and the Conference Day would be moved to June 27 and the Conference Half Day would be moved to June 28.

If the district exceeds its ten snow days by April 12 then the following days will be taken in the following order: April 22, April 15, April 16.

When snow days are not used, the district “gives them back” by closing school on days that were originally scheduled to have school in session.

The give back days would be, in the following order: May 24, May 23, April 23, April 24.

While no one can accurately predict what the winter has in store for us, the district has contingency plans in place. Schedule updates will be available on the district’s website and sent home to parents any necessary changes are made.