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Dr. Tornatore presents at NYSCOSS

Dr. Tornatore at nyscoss
Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore, Superintendent of Schools for the Liberty Central School District, presented at the NYSCOSS Fall Leadership Summit in Saratoga Springs. (Dr. Tornatore is seated at the right.)

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore recently made a presentation at the New York State Council of School Superintendents Fall Leadership Summit at the Saratoga Springs City Center in Saratoga Springs, New York. Dr. Tornatore presented with Doc Watson the Vice President of Business Development for Right Reasons Technology. The topic of his presentation was the implementation of RightPath to raise Regents test scores in the District.

Right Reasons Technology is a group of educators, trainers and technology professionals who collaborate with local school district to navigate paths to success for teachers and students. Their RightPath program includes four modules which can be used together or in concert. These modules include data informed instruction, instructional planning, professional performance and learning resources and programs.