District wins $5,000 Lowe’s Education grant

The Liberty Central School District has secured $5,000 through the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant, which will allow the district to purchase activity mats for the elementary school’s Making Math Masters through Movement (MMMTM) initiative.

MMMTM is a multi-sensory approach to teaching math the uses physical activity and visual elements. In short, it pairs learning with being physically active to make it more memorable and enjoyable.

Families who attended the district’s Math and Movement Night in March got a taste of what the activity mats will look like and how students can interact with them. The mats align with current state standards and range in concepts, from addition and subtraction to angles and coordinates and place value and fractions.

The school will begin using the mats at the kindergarten level and in the school’s academic intervention service (AIS) and physical education classes. While those students begin to hop, walk, crawl and dance their way to mastering math concepts, the school will continue to train teachers to implement the mats in their classrooms. More information about how the mats will be incorporated across other grade levels will be announced during the 2018-19 school year.

The Liberty Central School District and Liberty Elementary School would like to extend its thanks and appreciation to Barbara Blakey, who previously served as the district’s interim assistant superintendent and Sue Ann Boyd of Cornell Cooperative Extension, who continues to work with the district in partnership to help students become healthier and more active learners. Securing this grant would not have been possible without them.

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