District-Wide Safety Plan Updated | Public comment period ends March 23

The Liberty Central School District has updated the 2020-21 District-Wide Safety Plan to reflect legislation signed into law by Governor Cuomo in September of 2020. The new legislation requires the adoption of a response plan for health emergency events involving a communicable disease.

Review the New Protocols

The approval process for updates to the safety plan involves a review by the District Safety Team followed by a 30-day public comment period. In Liberty, the public comment is effect through March 23, 2021

To submit your comments, please email Dr. Patrick Sullivan, Assistant Superintendent.

Mandate for public employee

The new legislation requires all New York State public employers to adopt a plan for operations in the event of a declared public health emergency involving a communicable disease. The new legislation will constitute New York State Labor Law Section 27-c, and serves as a response to the effects of the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic this past Spring.

Mandate for School Districts

In addition to Section 27-C, the following section was added to 2801-a of the Education Law that will require additions to the District Plan: 2801-a (m) – protocols for responding to a declared public health emergency involving a communicable disease that are substantially consistent with the provisions of section twenty-seven-c of the labor law.


Governor Cuomo extended the original deadline (30 days after the passage of the law) to allow employers and school districts time to implement the process and work out logistics with unions and other affected agencies. The NYS website states that such a plan must be finalized and published by April 1, 2021.

The LCSD Board of Education is expected to adopt the updated Safety Plan at its March 23 meeting.

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