District pursues threats, bullying with new alert system

District administrators are always looking for ways to foster a safer and more caring school community.  To that end, Liberty Central School District has added SchoolMessenger Quick Tip to our website to ensure that students, staff and parents have a voice to report issues that may impact their peers and/or schools.

Quick Tip allows school administrators to receive tips at any time and have the ability to respond in a timely manner to issues that impact the school or individual students. The reported issues range from peer pressure, campus violence, depression, suicide and bullying, to name a few.

Students, staff, parents and other stakeholders can visit the district website at www.libertyk12.org to gain access to Quick Tip.  Users can identify which schools receive the tip, select an appropriate topic from the dropdown list, write the message and submit the tip.  Users may choose to communicate anonymously or non-anonymously.

The district’s Quick Tip app is available for both iOS (iTunes App Store) and Android devices (Google Play.) Users can search for “quick tip” to find the app which is free. If you download the app, you will be prompted to enter a location code. This code will link your app to the district. The location code is Liberty.

The Liberty Central School District holds the safety of our students and staff as our first priority. The “Quick Tip” feature is located on our homepage, www.libertyk12.org, under “Quick Links.”

Anyone can submit a tip in six quick steps from the home page:

  1. Click the link on the district’s homepage (www.libertyk12.org)
  2. Select a School.
  3. Select a Topic.
  4. Type your tip Message.
  5. Upload an image. (Optional)
  6. Enter personal information. (Optional)

For the app, users can submit a tip using these steps:

  1. After downloading and installing the app once, activate the app.
  2. On the first use, enter the Location Code Liberty.
  3. Select a Tip Category.
  4. Select an Organization (school building).
  5. Type your tip Message.
  6. Enter personal information. (Optional)

For more information about Quick Tips, please contact your child’s principal or click here to read a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

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