District discards Pop Tart supply

The Liberty School District Food Service Department discarded its
district-wide supply of Pop-Tarts after several middle school
students noticed small insects inside the brown sugar and strawberry
flavored toaster pastries they were served as part of their school
breakfast on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Upon finding mealworms, the students told their teachers, who
instructed all students not to eat the Pop-Tarts.
School administrators then notified the school’s Food Service
Department, which sealed and disposed of the remaining Pop-Tarts
in an outside dumpster. Teachers also collected and disposed of
all Pop-Tarts that had previously been given to students.

As a replacement, all students who participate in the district’s
breakfast program were given the option of cereal or cereal bars

“The insects were undetected prior to serving because they come to
us in sealed, ready-to-serve packages,” said Food Service Director
Dara Smith. “The Pop Tarts are manufactured and pre-packaged by
Kellogg’s and supplied to the school district in sealed packages
through Driscoll Foods.”

The district immediately reported the incident to supplier
Driscoll Foods and manufacturer Kellogg’s. Those companies are
expected to launch an investigation to determine the source, which
likely occurred during manufacturing, Mrs. Smith said.

Mrs. Smith also said the district will no longer provide Pop-Tarts
as part of school breakfasts. Food service staff will continue to
monitor all packaged and fresh foods to help ensure the health and
safety of everyone who consumes school meals.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school’s nurse or their own
physician if they are concerned that their children may be
adversely affected. Anyone with questions or concerns may also
contact Dara Smith at dsmith@libertyk12.org.

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