Lunch Menu

November 2019

Monday, Nov. 18
Liberty burger, Savory rice with vegetables, sliced cucumbers

Tuesday, Nov. 19
Mini corn dogs, tossed salad, baby carrots

Wednesday, Nov. 20
Pasta with meat sauce, tossed salad, broccoli

Thursday, Nov. 21
Hot turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn

Friday, Nov. 22
Assorted Pizza, tossed salad, roasted chick peas

Monday, Nov. 25
Toasted Ham and Cheese on WW Bread, orange glazed carrots

Tuesday, Nov. 26
Assorted Pizza, tossed salad, green beans

Wednesday, Nov. 27

Thursday, Nov. 28

Friday, Nov. 29

December 2019

Monday, Dec. 2
Chicken nuggets, tator tots, baby carrots

Tuesday, Dec. 3
Chicken and broccoli alfredo, whole grain pasta, green beans

Wednesday, Dec 4
Fish sticks, baked beans, cole slaw

Thursday, Dec. 5
BBQ beef, garlic bread, mashed potatos, broccoli

Friday, Dec. 6
Assorted Pizza, Ceasar salad, mixed veggies

Monday, Dec. 9
Chicken patty on WG bun, tossed salad

Tuesday, Dec. 10
Bosco sticks, zucchini saute, marinara dip sauce

Wednesday, Dec. 11
Chicken fajita with WG tortilla, sauteed peppers and onions

Thursday, Dec. 12
Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, corn

Friday, Dec. 13
Assorted Pizza, roasted chick peas, green beans

Monday, Dec. 16
Liberty burger on WG bun, coleslaw, baked beans

Tuesday, Dec. 17
Macaroni and cheese, bread stick, green beans

Wednesday, Dec. 18
Hawaiian Ham and coconut rice, tossed salad, baby carrots

Thursday, Dec. 19
Beef and bean tamale chili, cornbread and baked potato, Mexicali corn

Friday, Dec. 20
Assorted Pizza, Tossed salad, Mixed veggies