Lunch Menu

Week of Dec. 10

Monday, Dec. 10: Liberty burger, vegetable pasta salad, lettuce, tomato, onion and sliced cucumber
Tuesday, Dec. 11: Sweet and sour chicken with broccoli and steamed brown rice
Wednesday, Dec. 12: Pasta and meat sauce with garlic bread and Caesar salad
Thursday, Dec. 13: breakfast for lunch: pancakes or waffles with a sausage patty and hash browns
Friday, Dec. 14: assorted pizzas with roasted chickpeas and red and green pepper strips

Week of Dec. 17

Monday, Dec. 17: fish nuggets, pasta salad and three-bean salad
Tuesday, Dec. 18: baked potato with chili, shredded cheddar, broccoli and Tostitos
Wednesday, Dec. 19: chicken nuggets with lemon rice and baby carrots
Thursday, Dec. 20: hot roast beef bowl, mashed potatoes, corn and a dinner roll
Friday, Dec. 21: assorted pizza with carrot sticks, celery sticks and cucumber slices

Click here to view the breakfast menu for Liberty students.