Lunch Menu

Week of March 25

Monday, March 25: Chicken nuggets, veggie rice, green beans
Tuesday, March 26: Baked potato with chili, shredded cheddar, broccoli, Tostitos
Wednesday, March 27: Macaroni and cheese with or without ham, garlic bread, baby carrots
Thursday, March 28: Chicken and gravy bowl, dinner roll, potatoes, corn
Friday, March 29: Assorted pizzas with corn and black bean salad and assorted vegetable sticks

Week of April 1

Monday, April 1: Chicken patty with whole grain bun, savory rice, carrots
Tuesday, April 2: Hot turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes, green beans
Wednesday, April 3: Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta Bake, Caesar salad
Thursday, April 4: Hot dog on a bun
Friday, April 5: Assorted pizza, roasted chickpeas

Week of April 8

Monday, April 8: Bosco sticks, marinara sauce, sautéed garlic zucchini
Tuesday, April 9 : BBQ chicken, corn bread, baked potato, carrot/pineapple/raisin salad
Wednesday, April 10: Hot ham and cheese on a whole grain bun, corn
Thursday, April 11: Taco pasta bake, shredded cheese, tossed salad
Friday, April 12: Assorted pizzas, corn and black bean salad, tossed salad

Week of April 15

Spring Break – School closed

Week of April 22

Monday, April 22: School closed
Tuesday, April 23: School closed
Wednesday, April 24: School closed
Thursday, April 25: Salisbury steak and whole grain roll, mushroom gravy, corn
Friday, April 26: Veggie sticks, roasted chickpeas

Week of April 29

Monday, April 29: Grilled chicken on a whole grain bun, lemon rice, green peas
Tuesday, April 30: Hot dog on a whole wheat bun, pasta salad with veggies, baby carrots
Wednesday, May 1: Build your own nachos – taco meat, refried beans, lettuce tomato, rice
Thursday, May 2:  Turkey or chicken salad with celery and onions, pita pockets, tossed salad
Friday, May 3: Assorted pizza, corn, tossed salad

Week of May 6

Monday, May 6: Breakfast for lunch: waffles, sausage patty, hashbrowned potatoes
Tuesday, May 7: Liberty burger with sweet tots, baby carrots
Wednesday, May 8: Chicken fajita with peppers, onion, flour tortilla, rice
Thursday, May 9: Sloppy Joe on whole grain bun, tossed salad, sliced cucumbers
Friday, May 10: Assorted pizza, vegetable sticks, Caesar salad

Week of May 13

Monday, May 13: Chicken nuggets, vegetable rice, collard greens
Tuesday, May 14: Baked potato with chili, broccoli
Wednesday, May 15: Macaroni and cheese with or without ham, garlic bread, baby carrots
Thursday, May 16: Roast herbed chicken, dinner roll, mashed potatoes, corn
Friday, May 17: Assorted pizza with corn and black bean salad