CSE Annual Reviews in progress

For the remainder of this school year, the Liberty Central School
District’s Student Services Department will be coordinating and
conducting our Committee on Special Education (CSE) Annual Review
meetings. As you may know, CSE Annual Review meetings are
essential to our students’ educational plans towards success. We
are requesting that all parents or guardians attend the meetings.
To show support for our families, the department will be providing
refreshments for every Annual Review meeting.

In addition to discussing our students’ educational plans for next
year, we will also be conducting a parent survey mandated by the
New York State Department of Education. The Indicator 8 parent
survey is designed to measure the “percent of parents with a child
receiving special education services who report that schools
facilitated parent involvement as a means of improving services
and results for children with disabilities” (NYSED, 2016). There
will be time allotted during the meeting so every parent or
guardian will be able to complete the survey.

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