Class of 2017 retraces steps during annual Senior Walk

Before they take on the world, they took a step back.

Before students walk across the stage to get their diplomas on June 24, they walk through the halls of their elementary and middle school. The now annual event is a reminder of how far they have come and an inspiration to the students whose graduation dates are several years in the future.

The Liberty High School Class of 2017 inspired younger generations to achieve their own graduation by walking the halls of their former elementary and middle schools on June 7.

As the seniors walked through the halls, the students got to see a visual representation of what the future holds.

The heartwarming event aimed to encourage grade schoolers to excel academically and prepare for the future.

Seniors retraced their path to graduation, thanked those who helped them along the way and inspired the remaining student body to envision the day where they too will don that red or white cap and gown.

While the seniors may have enjoyed passing out high-fives to the younger students, it was also a bittersweet trip down memory lane for some. Before they walked the hallways where they started their schooling and met their best friends one last time, they were treated to a slideshow of memories from their days at elementary students. It touched them emotionally to see some of their former teachers but also it gave them an opportunity to reflect on their 13 years of education at Liberty.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017! You will always have a home at Liberty.

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