Building bridges, not walls: students interact with BOE

Board group photoMembers of the Liberty Board of Education stepped out of the meeting room and into the classroom on Friday, Sept. 28 to get a sense of how students and staff are enjoying the new leadership within the district.

The goal of the visit was to observe how the district’s atmosphere has been changing and how the school is preparing students to succeed in a global economy through hands-on learning.

It was a special day for board members, staff and students alike.

The Sept. 28 tour was the first of three Liberty Board of Education visits  that will take place over the next several weeks. The board will visit the elementary school on Friday, Oct. 19 and the middle school on Monday, Oct. 29.

Board President Matt DeWitt and student

And their effort hasn’t gone unnoticed by the school’s administrators.

“[The tour] is part of an approach that offers a much more immediate view than static statistics and enrollment numbers,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore said, “It’s all part of the district’s goal to further build a sense of community and pride.”

Liberty Central School District Board of Education President Matt DeWitt came to Liberty High School prepared with plenty of questions for students on Sept. 28.

Board member and student

Mr. DeWitt pulled up a chair and sat next to at least ten students in various classrooms over the course of his hour-long building tour and digged down into specifics about their perspective of the district’s changing leadership and atmosphere.

He asked them to describe their latest lesson, whether they had felt more support than they have had in prior years and the role of technology in the classroom.

But Mr. DeWitt saved his most important question for last. It was a query that got to the heart of his role – and the other board members – as an advocate for the Liberty Central School District.

“What can we do better to support you?”