Author Sarah Weeks visits LMS

A portrait of an adult
Sarah Weeks

Social distancing and hybrid learning didn’t stop the middle school from having their annual Author Day on June 9.  This year it was virtual and well attended.  Sarah Weeks first visited Liberty Middle School five years ago. She is extra special to us because her book, “So B. It,” is partly set in Liberty.  All Liberty fifth grade students read this book in Library Skills class.

Weeks, a Sullivan County resident, told us about how she became a writer (she used to write songs for Sesame Street), where she gets her inspiration (old houses around Sullivan County), and when she likes to write (usually about 4 am!).  The program ended with our students asking her some very thoughtful questions.

Weeks has written more than 60 picture books and novels for young readers, including “So B. It,” “Soof, Pie, Save Me a Seat” and the Regular Guy series.