Assistant Superintendent of Schools

POSITION AVAILABLE: Assistant Superintendent of Schools
HOURS: Full Time Hours
LOCATION: District Office, Buckley Street, Liberty
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2019
PROFESSIONAL: Graduate degree in education; Must hold NYS SDA/SDL Certification
EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 5 years successful teaching in addition to experience as a School/District
Office Administrator
SALARY: 4 year contract; terms to be negotiated

RECRUITING OFFICER: Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore Email:
DUE DATE: February 15, 2019
APPLY VIA: (Previous candidates need not apply!)

Job Description

The Assistant Superintendent must be a dynamic, well organized administrator with excellent communication skills as well as strong time management skills. Must have a strong work ethic with a hands on approach. Must be able to multi-task. Works well with administrators and teachers in a collaborative setting be providing the leadership to move the District forward.

The Assistant Superintendent

  • Will oversee the educational program, which includes instruction, staff development, curriculum
    coordination and articulation. Responsible for Consolidated Application, all Title grants, along with
    DTSDE Oversight, Universal Pre-K and other grants that will benefit Liberty.
  • Will be responsible for all reports, records and other paperwork as required by State Department and
    Federal Government.
  • Must have experience with institutional change, staff leadership curriculum development, staff evaluations and professional development.
  • Shall work with Principals and Building Teacher Leaders to promote horizontal and vertical articulation and ensure high quality implementation of schools’ standards aligned curriculum and assessment system. Establishes necessary staff development to support the teachers.
  • Will be responsible to collect, organize, analyze and synthesize district data on student achievement and
    translate conclusions into school and teacher level interventions.
  • Will frequently visit schools and classrooms to understand and evaluate school needs.
  • Assists with the recruitment, interviewing, screening and recommendation of candidates for district
  • Develops and implements an orientation and induction program for all staff and works with the
    Principals to identify and assign mentors to new staff.
  • Orchestrates the District Leadership Team training workshop and end of year reports from Building
    Leadership Teams.
  • Interviews student teachers for proper placement.
  • Oversees the Wall of Fame.
  • Serves as the contact person to work with Liberty Teacher Assistants, Monitors and Aides (LAMA)
  • Must thoroughly understand the use of technology as it pertains to instruction in the classroom.
  • Performs all other tasks as assigned by the Superintendent and/or the Board of Education.

All applicants must hold a NYS SDA/SDL certification. Minimum of five years of successful teaching experienceas well as experience as a School and or District Office Administrator.

Terms of employment: 12 months, terms to be negotiated.