Anticipated LES Dean of Students, PK-4

POSITION AVAILABLE: Anticipated LES Dean of Students, PK-4

HOURS: Full-Time Hours

LOCATION: Liberty Elementary School, N. Main St., Liberty

EFFECTIVE DATE: September 1, 2019

PROFESSIONAL: NYS Certified Building Administration

EXPERIENCE: Elementary Teaching Experience

SALARY: As per the LAA Agreement


DUE DATE: August 14, 2019


Job Description

The Dean of Students is responsible for maintaining a positive, caring, orderly, and supportive student culture and learning environment. Critical to this responsibility is overseeing the school’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system, which relies on the development and universal understanding of expectations for conduct, establishment and consistent implementation of support systems, and use of data to guide interventions and responses to problem behaviors. The Dean of Students will participate in the school’s RTI/MTSS Team in an advisory capacity to assist in the creation of multi-tiered classroom behavioral intervention plans. Also, the Dean of Students plays an important role in promoting trusting and mutually respectful relationships among students, staff, and families by maintaining strong lines of communication and transparency of expectations across stakeholders. In fulfilling these key responsibilities along with the others described below, the Dean of Students plays a critical role in ensuring that students feel a sense of unity with their peers, families, and teachers, believe in the power of a great education and take responsibility for their actions as both citizens and scholars.


I. Teacher Support/Classroom Support

● Ensures that teachers understand Code of Conduct, enforce it consistently and fairly, and follow established protocols; consults with building administrators when Code is not enforced appropriately and protocols are not followed
● Proactively communicates with teachers and visits classrooms to promote positive behaviors and mitigate problem behaviors
● Works with teachers in the classroom to observe students, make
recommendations and develop behavior improvement plans when needed
● Provides prompt classroom support to teachers when requested; follows established protocols for addressing students who demonstrate problem behaviors
● Works with the Principal and Assistant Superintendent to facilitate
professional development offerings that promote sound behavioral
management practices in the classroom
● Conducts formal observations of Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Teacher Aides and Monitors, as assigned by the Principal.
● Maintains monthly records to assist teachers in the classroom with
promoting positive behaviors and mitigating problem behaviors

II. Management of Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)

● Models the school’s values and standards for professional conduct;
consistently demonstrates best practices for communicating with students, staff, and families
● Works with other administrators to ensure that the school’s policies and procedures for holding all students to high behavioral expectations as stated in the Code of Conduct are understood and promoted/enforced with consistency across all staff
● Serves as the point person for dealing with behavioral crisis-intervention and acute behavioral issues
● Directs the staff-wide implementation of the school’s tier-one interventions according to the Code of Conduct
● Directs tier two interventions for students who consistently violate the school’s Code of Conduct – such interventions may include specially
designed small-group interventions provided by Student Support staff and teachers to create timely, efficient, and flexible solutions to behavioral issues
● Directs tier three interventions for students who engage in serious problem behaviors – such interventions involve referring students to the Student Support Team for a case study, establishing a conference with families, conducting a formal evaluation and, if necessary, incorporating the support of a local agency for individualized services
● Ensures that students’ Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) are followed as specified
● Maintains accurate and up-to-date student conduct data and records
regarding interventions, including conferences held, awards and
acknowledgments, detentions, suspensions, and communication with

III. Oversight of Common Spaces

● Ensures that common spaces, including the hallways and bathrooms, are clean, safe, orderly, and reflect a pro-learning culture; promotes the
student ownership of these spaces through various initiatives
● Proactively circulates and is highly present and visible in the school’s
common spaces during school hours (including student arrival and
departure) to maintain a safe, orderly, pro-learning school environment
● Works with school leadership to support staff’s implementation of best practices and procedures in actively promoting a safe, orderly, pro-
learning environment in common spaces

IV. Administration of Detention and In-School Suspension

● Oversees, manages, and administers the school’s detentions, including
managing and communicating required attendance and communicating
with families
● Oversees in-school suspension, including the management of their course assignments, and communication with families

V. Communication

● Communicates with students’ families as necessary to keep families
abreast of any observed changes in an individual student’s conduct
● Meets regularly with the Student Support Team and PBIS Team to analyze PBIS data as well as to discuss individual students and their
behavior patterns and how to best support students through specific
● Meets with grade-level teams to discuss PBIS data and discuss possible interventions based on data

VI. Other

● Leads staff efforts to ensure that all students have excellent attendance and arrive at school and to class on time; works aggressively with students and parents to ensure excellent attendance
● Oversees school-wide practices for arrival and dismissal to ensure student safety
● Serves on the school’s Student Support Team to conduct case studies
and monitor the performance and behavior of students identified as
potentially needing additional support
● Performs other operations-related tasks consistent with the goals and
objectives of this position

Key Qualifications

● A proven track record of promoting student success inside and outside of schools; at least five years of formal experience in working with adolescents
● NYS teacher and administrative certification is required; a Master’s degree is preferred
● Leadership experience in developing positive school culture, including a deep knowledge of the socio-emotional needs of students as evidenced by
work history, certifications held, and research conducted
● Familiarity with the New York State Social/Emotional Development and Learning (SEDL) Guidelines, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Olweus, Restorative Practices, and other non-punitive disciplinary systems
● Approaches behavior problems as “teachable moments” wherein students investigate the root cause of their behavior and take the initiative to improve it; understands that through this process, students see themselves as young people whose opinions and agency are respected
● Believes every child is “at-promise” and does not simply label a child as a “behavior problem” when she/he misbehaves
● Expertise in working with diverse populations of students and families, and in differentiating support to address the needs of diverse learners; familiarity with Liberty’s student population and the community to be served
● An acumen for actively engaging students in their learning,
academically and non-academically
● A demonstrated openness and responsiveness to constructive feedback and a strong commitment to continuous improvement and professional growth
● Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written; strong
interpersonal skills with students, parents, colleagues, and community
members; experience working collaboratively in team settings
● Approaches the profession with maturity, humility, versatility (i.e.,
embraces the ambiguity and excitement associated with start-ups) and a solutions-mindedness with a strong work ethic.

145 Buckley Street, Liberty, New York 12754 • Telephone (845) 292-5400 Ext 2300 • Fax (845) 292-5691

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