Administrators share plans with Chancellor Rosa

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore, Interim Assistant Superintendent Tim Bohlke and various administrators from the Liberty Central School District had the chance to meet with Chancellor Betty Rosa during a recent conference on Community Schools.

In many ways, Liberty Central School District embodies the Community Schools’ philosophy that students’ social and emotional needs must be met before they can learn and that a school’s academic performance is essential but should not be the only measure of its success.

The district looks forward to meeting with and learning from Chancellor Rosa again as it continues to grow as a Community School.

What is a Community School?

In short, it’s a district that partners with families and local businesses in effort to raise student achievement by ensuring that children are physically, emotionally and socially prepared to learn.

At Liberty, administrators work to build relationships with local organizations (such as Cornell Cooperative Extension and PRASAD) to provide easier access to resources like health care, mentoring and other services that support the whole child, engage families and strengthen the entire community. Through partnerships like these, the district is able to arrange for nutrition consults and host events such as Dental Health Night and Math and Movement Night.

The Community School approach — which often involves adding health services at schools, along with art and nutrition programs — aligns with the district’s belief that when children are healthy, mentally ready, and have a community that supports them, they will be more prepared and successful in school.

Studies show that social and health services that are provided by a school district support students’ well-being and boost academic achievement by providing extra learning time and engaging the family.


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