Administrators vow focus on support, transparency

Out of the office and into the action:

Liberty Central School District’s administrative team vows new school year will be focused on academic support, transparency

Ready… set… break!

A little after sunrise on Thursday, Sept. 6, Liberty Central School District’s administrative team compared notes and re-affirmed their plans to “divide and conquer” to ensure that every single parent, student and teacher was given a proper “hello” and “best wishes” for the start of the 2018-19 school year.

It was the first day of school for many on Thursday – including the majority of the district’s new administrative team – and their excitement could not be contained.

Unlike the staff, who knew who Assistant Superintendent Tim Bohlke was, the elementary school students weren’t so sure who the happy man in the suit at their school entrance was.

“He looks like the president waving to us” one student said. “It’s got to be the jacket.”

Just a few steps behind Mr. Bohlke was Liberty Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Jackie Harris, and Assistant Principal, Mr. Bob England, who had already claimed a prominent spot at the school’s main entrance – perfect for hugs.

The festive atmosphere continued throughout the other buildings, where School Business Official Georgia Gonzalez made her rounds throughout the middle school where she greeted students in between their squeals and hugs.

If students didn’t get a chance to connect with Mrs. Gonzalez they surely got a chance to chat with Liberty Middle School Principal Andy Cameron and Assistant Principal Patrick Sullivan.  Mr. Cameron stood front and center at the crosswalk, while Mr. Sullivan jumped on and off the arriving school busses.

Meanwhile, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore, started his day at the Liberty High School with new Principal Derek Adams. Together, they made sure no student was left without a handshake or high five.

“Welcome to your first day of school,” Dr. Tornatore said. “Best wishes for a successful year.”

The district’s new leader has spent the better part of the past ten months on his “listening tour” to hear the concerns and needs from each corner of the county and wants parents, staff and students to know his number one priority is safety and transparency.

“I intend to be a very visible superintendent who works alongside our principals, teachers and of course – the families,” he said.

It was quite the first impression for new Dean of Students Frank Snyder and Mr. Adam Lake, who officially became the district’s second School Resource Officer this summer. Like the rest of the district’s central office administrative team, Mr. Lake plans to drop by every school building in the coming weeks with his partner-in-safety and, no stranger to the district, Devin Brust.

No matter what school they were stationed at, everyone agreed: parents and students were excited to see their surprise visitors.

If you didn’t get a chance to connect with any of our new administrators on the first day, be sure to keep an eye out for them tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 7 – and be sure to say hi!