A statement from the Board of Education to seniors and the community with regards to graduation

June 8, 2020

Class of 2020,

The Board of Education wishes to address the seniors and the school community with regards to this year’s graduation.  We would like to start out by saying Congratulations to an amazing class that has persevered through some unprecedented times.  There is no question that we are living in a time like no other.  It is now June of your senior year, a year no one could have imagined would end like this. Although memories and traditional events have been missed, please rest assured that in time, you can look back at this and hold your heads high.  The Class of 2020 is like no other!

That said, there is nothing that we can say that will give back those lost or missed experiences and celebrations.  We as the Board of Education are committed to doing everything in our power to celebrate and commemorate your incredible class of 2020.

Although graduation ceremony planning is not a role of the Board of Education, we are equally committed as is the Administration to create the most memorable celebration possible in these uncertain times.

In a normal year, graduation is planned by a team in the high school and we attend to enjoy and celebrate you.  This year, the team was expanded to include a few more stakeholders because of all the guidelines from New York State.  They met several times and planned a few different ways that graduation could take place.  We want to thank everyone who was involved in those meetings.  They constructed multiple options and brought them to the Superintendent, who made the final decision to hold graduation virtually.  The BOE had “seniors” placed on the agenda for our May 26th meeting to inquire what plans the district had to recognize all their accomplishments. We, the BOE, were just as concerned as most of you when we didn’t hear plans for a traditional graduation. Through your emails, social media posts, and conversations, we want to let you know we hear you and take your thoughts seriously.  As announced, the district is now committed to the most traditional graduation allowed.  You won a great debate with the district but your fight for graduation is not over. The BOE stands with the seniors in petitioning the governor for a traditional graduation.

Liberty’s seniors are a strong class.  You are part of a global class of graduates who lost their senior year due to Covid -19.  We know that you will leave here with Liberty Pride and never let this adversity define you.  We are looking forward to watching your class rise above all of this.

We, the Board of Education of the Liberty Central School District, stand to congratulate the Class of 2020!

With Liberty Pride,

Liberty CSD Board of Education

President: Matthew DeWitt
Vice President: Barbara A. Kelly

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