A look inside the LES MakerSpace

Powerful things are happening when Mrs. Treible and Mrs. Terry’s students can conceptualize something, build it, and then write about it, explaining what it is that they have made, and how it relates to their lessons.

Liberty Elementary second-graders Ayelene and Bristol worked together Thursday afternoon, determined to build the sturdiest house.

Using cardboard, scissors, tape and a ruler, they carefully determined where to place each cardboard piece to get it to a certain height. They strategized along the way.

“We can’t cut [the cardboard] yet because we have to plan before we build,” Ayeline said.  “We’re Makers here. That means we figure out how to build things using what used to be junk.”

Ayelene and Bristol were just two of the 40 some second-graders who participated in their first “make-and-take” project using materials from one of the two school’s new MakerSpace labs.

Bristol said she likes the new MakerSpace because “….it feels like recess, but better.”

Press play on the video below to see highlights from Ayelene and Bristol’s MakerSpace class on Thursday, Sept. 27.

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