A heroes’ welcome at LES

Students at Liberty Elementary School always look forward to Veterans Day because it gives them a chance to say thank you to the veterans in our area.

“We learn about what was like in the military and spend the month doing things to show that we appreciate them, fourth-grade student Dylan said.

The school hosted its annual Veterans Day assembly on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

This was the second time the event has been held, after the inaugural ceremony in 2016 went over well. Eleven more local veterans participated in this year’s ceremony, exceeding the students’ expectations. (Last month, the students sent out a call for all veterans to attend.)

Liberty Elementary School Principal Jacqueline Harris says the students enjoy spending the day with veterans, many dressed in uniform, representing the different branches of the military.

“The student get awfully excited and take [this assembly] very seriously. They go to great lengths to prepare and demonstrate their utmost respect,” she said. “It’s a great time for us to be able to honor our veterans, everything they have done for our country and they continue to do for us,” she said.

Fourth-grade students holding flags greeted each veteran as they entered the gymnasium.

The ceremony included the a flag folding demonstration, students singing patriotic songs and each veteran being introduced by name and military title and concluded with handmade gifts and a six boxes of toiletries, puzzles, games and other necessities for the Veterans Hospital at Castle Point.

After a final wave, the crowd broke into applause, whistles, and shouts of support, and our students and staff sent the veterans off with handshakes and words of gratitude.

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