Sports Roundup (Week of January 26, 2020)

Monday, January 27

Alpine Skiing

OCIAA Giant Slalom at Belleayre Mountain

No information provided

Girls Basketball


Liberty…… 8…..20….24….18
O’Neill…….8…..10…. ..8….10

Ally Roth led the team with 20 points and 5 steals
Kassidy DeGroat had a double-double with 11 points and 11 rebounds
Gabby Maggie had 14 points and 5 steals.
Record: 5-6 overall

Boys Basketball


Liberty: Kymanni Dennis 22 points; Chris Bayer 11 points

Tuesday, January 28

Alpine Skiing

OCIAA Slalom at Holiday Mountain

No information provided

Wednesday, January 29



99 pounds: Kaitlyn Potter (ELS) won by forfeit; 106: no contest; 113: Quintin Herzog (ELS) pin Summer Conetta 3:31; 120: Joey Curreri (ELS) pin Joaquin Lizarondo :23; 126: Tyler Santangelo (CH) won by forfeit; 132: Mark Bruckenstein (CH) pin Patrick Adams 4:27; 138: Josh Schmoyer (CH) won by forfeit; 145: Matt Dunker (ELS) pin Joe Scocozza 1:17; 152: Bryan Sahad (CH) won by forfeit; 160: Nick Dicurcio (CH) won by forfeit; 170: Kwalin Gonzalez (CH) pin Henry Peters 4:25; 182: Cole Greco (CH) pin Nathan Coy 1:47; 195: Hunter Roberts (ELS) pin Teddy Szymanski 4:45; 220: Francisco Miguel (ELS) pin Dylan Bullock 1:31; 285: Devin McGovern (CH) pin Caleb Milk 1:52


99 pounds: Kaitlyn Potter (ELS) won by forfeit; 106: Quintin Herzog (ELS) won by forfeit; 113: no contest; 120: Joey Curreri (ELS) won by forfeit; 126: no contest; 132: Synaida Wheeler (F-TV) won by forfeit; 138: no contest; 145: Matt Dunker (ELS) won by forfeit; 152: Hannah Nicolai (F-TV) won by forfeit; 160: Audrey Nicolai (F-TV) won by forfeit; 170: Henry Peters (ELS) pin Robert Denman :47; 182: Robert VonGerichten (ELS) pin Dylan Poley 5:26; 195: no contest; 220: Francisco Miguel (ELS) pin Isaias Hernandez :25; 285: Caleb Milk (ELS) pin Allie Wiener 5:23

Quintin Herzog 2-0
Tanner Ferguson 1-0
Ethan Blumenthal 1-0
Jorge Reyes 1-0
Francisco Miguel 2-0
Andrew Scamihorn 1-0

Girls Basketball


Liberty…… 14…..4….12….10

Ally Roth: 6-2pt, 1-3pt, 1/4 ft – 16pts

Record: 5-7 overall

Thursday, January 30

Alpine Skiing

OCIAA Slalom at Holiday Mountain

No information provided

Girls Indoor Track

The girls’ varsity indoor track team traveled to West Point on Friday to compete in the Division 4 championships. The 10 girls on the team combined to score 84 points and finish as the Division 4 runners-up to Port Jervis.

Brooke Roth was 1st in long and triple jumps and 2nd in the 55m hurdles.
Sydneigh Fleischman was 1st in the 1500m race walk and 6th in weight throw. Brianna Roth was 2nd in high jump and pole vault and 4th in triple jump. Kylie Bachman was  rd in hurdles and 5th in the 600. Katrina Blais was 3rd in the 600. Chezzy Hanofee was 4th in high jump.The 4×800 relay team of Katrina, Kylie, Sydneigh, and Ariana Frazier placed 3rd .

In the most exciting event of the evening, exactly at 11:30 pm as Chezzy was
handing off to Ysabel Manzi for the final leg of the 4×200 relay, ALL the lights in the fieldhouse went off. Ysabel finished running her leg in the dark, scoring much-needed points for the team as the girls secured the runner-up position by four team points over 3rd place Marlboro.

Boys Indoor Track

The boys’ varsity indoor track team traveled to West Point on Friday to compete in the OCL Division 4 championships.

Gabe Desrochers was 3rd in the 1000 meter run and setting a personal best. Juan Romero was 6th in the 600 moving into the scoring from the second heat. Juan set a personal best improving his time by 8 seconds! Rich Janidk was 4th in the weight throw. Wayne Kratz was 5th in the 200. The 4×200 relay team of Steven Cardenas, Owen Siegel, Wayne Kratz, and Gabe Desrochers placed 4rd.  The 4×400 relay team of Jose Barragan, Tristan Porter, Darrian Jackson, and Juan Romero placed 5rd.

Sports Roundup (Week of January 19, 2020)

Thursday, January 23

Girls Basketball


Liberty…… ..4…..10….10….9

Ally Roth: 3-2pt; 2-3pt; 0/2 ft – 12 points
Record: 4-6 Overall

Friday, January 24

Boys Basketball


Port Jervis……13…….4…..9….13

Nasir Gibbs: 11-2pt – 22 points
Joe Robinson: 4-2pt; 1-3pt; 1/1 ft – 12 points


ELSW 60 Burke (BCH) 6

99: Kaitlyn Potter (ELSW) over (BCH) (For.) 106: Quintin Herzog (ELSW) over (BCH) (For.) 113: No Contest 120: Frank Pagano, jr. (BCH) over (ELSW) (For.) 126: No Contest 132: Patrick Adams (ELSW) over Sean Miller (BCH) (Fall 2:56) 138: No Contest 145: No Contest 152: Anthony Philippe (ELSW) over (BCH) (For.) 160: Marshall Thomas (ELSW) over Matthew Martinelli (BCH) (Fall 5:28) 170: Henry Peters (ELSW) over (BCH) (For.) 182: Nathan Coy (ELSW) over (BCH) (For.) 195: Andrew Scamihorn (ELSW) over (BCH) (For.) 220: Francisco Miguel (ELSW) over Francesco Isola (BCH) (Fall 1:44) 285: Caleb Milk (ELSW) over Kenny Bell (BCH) (Fall 2:42).

ELSW 60, Ellenville (ELHS) 9

99: Kaitlyn Potter (ELSW) over (ELHS) (For.) 106: Quintin Herzog (ELSW) over Justin Coniker (ELHS) (Fall 1:50) 113: No Contest 120: No Contest 126: Joseph Curreri (ELSW) over Cristian Disessa (ELHS) (Fall 1:20) 132: No Contest 138: Walter Evans (ELHS) over Patrick Adams (ELSW) (Dec 10-8) 145: Nathan Towne (ELHS) over (ELSW) (For.) 152: Anthony Philippe (ELSW) over Jakob Millman (ELHS) (Fall 3:54) 160: Marshall Thomas (ELSW) over (ELHS) (For.) 170: Henry Peters (ELSW) over Edwin Price (ELHS) (Fall 1:35) 182: Nathan Coy (ELSW) over (ELHS) (For.) 195: Hunter Roberts (ELSW) over Evan Hamilton (ELHS) (Fall 0:28) 220: Francisco Miguel (ELSW) over (ELHS) (For.) 285: Caleb Milk (ELSW) over (ELHS) (For.).

Alpine Skiing

OCIAA Slalom at Holiday Mountain

No information provided

Sports Roundup (Week of January 12, 2020)

Tuesday, January 14

Boys Basketball

Liberty 56 Fallsburg 44

Liberty…… 17….7…20…12

Kymanni Dennis 5-2pt FG, 1-3pt FG 2/4 FT- Team High 15 pts
Chris Bayer 2-2pt FG 3-3pt FG- 13 pts

Girls Basketball

Liberty 42 Port Jervis 44

Ally Roth 12 points; Kassidy DeGroat 10 points

Wednesday, January 15


99 pounds: Kaitlyn Potter (ELS) pin James Hennig 2:44; 106: Brandon McKay (RH) pin Quintin Herzog 1:44; 113: Benjamin Finch (RH) won by forfeit; 120: Joey Curreri (ELS) pin Cole Nelson :42; 126: Matt Morris (RH) won by forfeit; 132: Alex Lopez (RH) pin Patrick Adams 1:28; 138: double forfeit; 145: James Melitski (RH) pin Matthew Dunker :46; 152: Tyler Benincasa (RH) pin Anthony Philippe :36; 160: Liam O`Connor (RH) pin Marshall Thomas 1:59; 170: Henry Peters (ELS) pin Nick Tsironis 5:08; 182: Maverick Sanchez (RH) pin Nathan Coy 1:14; 195: Hunter Roberts (ELS) pin Hayden Campolong 5:50; 220: Francisco Miguel (ELS) pin Chris Clark 2:33; 285: Caleb Milk (ELS) pin Kane Losurdo 3:02

Thursday, January 16


99 pounds: Trevor Tufano (PJ) pin Kaitlyn Potter :28; 106: Alyssa Reed (PJ) pin Quintin Herzog 1:48; 113: Ryan Ross (PJ) won by forfeit; 120: Joey Curreri (ELS) pin Maddox McCormick :17; 126: Caleb Harrison (PJ) won by forfeit; 132: Joey Amato (PJ) pin Patrick Adams 2:14; 138: Eric Tigue (PJ) won by forfeit; 145: Daniel Klotz (PJ) pin Matthew Dunker 1:48; 152: Logan Zappolo (PJ) pin Anthony Philippe :48; 160: Bryce Horner (PJ) pin Marshall Thomas 1:14; 170: Henry Peters (ELS) pin Shawn St. Germain 4:12; 182: Erik Quick (PJ) won by forfeit; 195: Hunter Roberts (ELS) pin Jason Cintron :36; 220: Jacob Southard (PJ) pin Francisco Miguel 2:42; 285: James Oosterom (PJ) pin Caleb Milk :50.

Friday, January 17

Boys Basketball

Liberty 58 Roscoe 30

Liberty…… 12….19…18….9

Kymanni Dennis 6-2pt FG, 3-3pt FG – Game High 21 pts
Nasir Gibbs 8-2pt FG – 16 pts

Girls Basketball

Liberty at Burke

No information provided

Camp Invention is back this summer!

a student looks over a small robot
A student builds a small robot at Camp Invention. This summer enrichment program returns to Liberty in August 2020.

Camp Invention is returning to Liberty Central School District!

In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Liberty High School will again offer the nationally acclaimed Camp Invention program to students entering grades K through 6.

This exciting, weeklong summer adventure provides lessons that explore connections between science, technology, engineering and innovation. Students rotate through several hands-on activities each day while using teamwork, creative thinking and problem-solving skills to invent unique solutions to real-world challenges.

The week begins Aug. 17, 2020 with Liberty Makerspace teacher Tamika Terry serving as director of the all-new 2020 program, Elevate!

During Camp Invention, young innovators will:

  • Build a cityscape out of upcycled materials, navigate planes through a storm and take apart a robot they’ll bring home at the end of the program.
  • Learn the value of their creativity as they sketch and build prototypes, design logos, market their invention and protect their intellectual property.
  •  Collaborate and discover solutions to protect the Earth’s ecosystems as they compete in zipline races, explore energy conservation and help wildlife habitats.
  • Discover the great inventors behind their favorite sports, play high-energy games and design the ultimate sports complex.

Camp Invention’s activities give participants the opportunity to explore, create and build confidence as they bring their biggest ideas to life.

Local educators facilitate the program and enthusiastic high school students serve as Leadership Interns, ensuring that one staff member is in place for every eight children.

Register by calling 800-968-4332. Use promo code SUM25 to save $25 (expires March 31) or SUM15 to save $15 (expires May 12) off the $235 registration fee.

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Sports Roundup (Week of January 5, 2020)

Tuesday, January 7

Girls Basketball

Liberty 51 Port Jervis 45

Liberty…… 16….6…15..14
Port Jervis…6..17….6..16

Kassidy Degroat 9-2pt-FG 4-FT 22 points – 12 rebounds – 6 steals
Ally Roth 3-2pt-FG 2-3pt-FG 6 for 6 FT 19 points – 7 steals

Record: 3-2 overall 0-1 league

Wednesday, January 8

Girls Basketball

Liberty 36 Chester 45

Liberty…… 14…9….7…..6

Kassidy Degroat 6-2pt-FG  3/5-FT 15 points
Ally Roth 2-2pt-FG 1-3pt-FG 7 points

Record: 3-3 overall 0-2 league

Thursday, January 9

Boys Basketball

Liberty 72 Livingston Manor 26

Liberty…… 20….9…20..23

Chris Bayer 41 pts 11-3pt-FG (new school record for one game) 4-2pt-FG
Nasir Gibbs 10pts 5-2pt-FG

Order of the Eastern Star donates much-needed school supplies

A big Liberty Thank You to the Order of the Easter Star Starlight Chapter, Number 74, which faithfully donates school supplies to Liberty Elementary, and their timing couldn’t be more perfect!

Pencils, crayons, folders and other supplies often must be replaced or replenished during the school year, and it’s wonderful to have a stash on hand so students always have what they need.

Four adults and nine students stand with boxes of school supplies
LES students and Principal Harris meet with Worthy Matron, Pamela Kennedy and member Jeanneta Hutchins to accept their generous donation of school supplies.
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Liberty Middle School designation rises to “Good Standing”

Thanks to the hard work of Liberty Middle School teachers, staff, administrators, parents and, most especially, the students, the Middle School has joined Liberty Elementary as a “School in Good Standing” with the New York State Education Department.

The Education Department this week confirmed that the Middle School has successfully attained the improved designation. In 2019, the Middle School was designated as a Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) School, meaning that too many students were underperforming.

“This is terrific news and testament to the hard work of our administrators and teachers,” said Liberty Superintendent Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore.

The designations are largely based on student performance on New York State’s annual English Language Arts and Math assessments, which are taken by students in grades 3-8. Other factors include academic progress, absenteeism, graduation rates, and English language proficiency.

Student data is further divided into 10 subgroups: all students, American Indian and Alaska Native; African American; Hispanic or Latino; Asian; White; Multiracial; English language learners; students with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged students.

The designations assigned to districts and schools are:

  • Recognition School: A school that is high-performing or rapidly improving.
    School in Good Standing: A school that does not have any underperforming student subgroups.
  • Targeted Support and Improvement School: Has at least one low-performing student subgroup.
  • Comprehensive Support and Improvement School: Has an “all students” subgroup with underperformance in the bottom 5 percent of all schools in the state and, for high schools, a graduation rate below 67 percent.

Liberty High School’s designation as a Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) School, remained unchanged.

TSI designated schools are required to develop a School Comprehensive Education Plan which identifies needs and evidence-based intervention solutions and seek input from parents, staff and students through an annual survey.

“Our administrators and faculty continue to develop new curricula and provide targeted professional development to ensure that all our Liberty students achieve at their highest level, progress every year, attend school every day, graduate on time and feel ready for the world of college or careers,” Dr. Tornatore said.

For more information on how the designations are determined, visit the State Education Department’s website.

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