Students enjoy new cafeteria tables at LMS

Sorry, Huey Lewis. Contrary to the lyrics, it’s more hip to be round.

Students at Liberty Middle School are enjoying their school’s brand new, round cafeteria tables. The school’s former tables – which were over 20 years old – were showing signs of wear.

The cafeteria now boasts a “café-like” atmosphere with a smoother traffic flow. Each school building now has round tables.

LES and LHS receive indoor growing station

The Liberty Central School District is one of five Sullivan County schools that has been awarded a Healthy Community Initiatives Grant through Sullivan Renaissance to participate in a pilot program that “brings the outside in.”

Earlier last month, our elementary and high school received a GrowLab LED indoor growing station, seed starter kit, along with curriculum and activity books from Gardener’s Supply Company of Vermont.

High school teacher Mr. Kevin Ferguson recently completed a “trial run” using the growing station. He and his students successfully grew a large batch of pea shoots.

The pea shoots were grown without any fertilizer, chemicals or additives. Even better, they are going to be served at the school’s salad bar.

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Grades 7-9 have the opportunity to be Invention mentors

Camp Invention, a summer enrichment program offered at schools nationwide, will be held for Liberty students in grades K-6 on Aug. 19-23, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Liberty High School. Learn more about the Camp Invention Program in this original post.

The Camp Invention Leaders-in-Training program invites students in grades 7-9 to to participate in Camp Invention in a whole new way.

They’ll guide children through exciting STEM activities during the week of a local camp program, encouraging creativity and hands-on fun while building their leadership and goal-setting abilities.

Joining in the Fun

Leaders-in-Training play an active role in our high-energy camp.

Learning New Skills

They’ll find out what it’s like to be an innovative leader.

A $25 dollar discount is available to those who register before March 22 and use the promo code “INNOVATE25”

Register and find the promotion that’s right for you at this link or by calling 800-968-4332.

View highlights from the honor roll breakfasts

More than 530 Liberty Middle and High School students, grades 5 through 12, were named to the honor roll.

The district celebrated our students’ achievements with a bagel breakfast and recognition ceremony for each grade level.

Watch the two minute video below for highlights of the event:

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