By order of the Governor of  New York, public schools, including the Liberty Central School District, will remain CLOSED THROUGH APRIL 14, 2020.

Board member resigns due to out-of-state move

Liberty Central School District board member Daniel Parkhurst announced on Thursday that he is resigning effective immediately; leaving his post after eleven years of service due to an imminent move from the district.

Parkhurst, who served as Board President from 2011-2014, wrote in a resignation letter that he and his wife are moving to Knoxville, TN, so that they may spend time with their granddaughter.

“[This move] will enable us to be a part of her life as she grows,” Mr. Parkhurst wrote. “I wish to thank the Liberty Central School District and its faculty and staff, the community and my fellow board members for the opportunity to serve the district. It has been an honor to be affiliated Liberty.”

As a parent, Liberty resident and serviceman to our country, Mr. Parkhurst offered a unique perspective and was a tireless advocate for the school community. The district and board of education would like to extend its thanks to Mr. Parkhurst for making a positive difference in the educational lives of its students.

Mr. Parkhurst’s resignation creates a vacancy on the board that’s required by law to be filled within 90 days. The board has two options:
1. Vote to call a special election to be held within 90 days*; or
2. Appoint a candidate of the board’s choice**.

*In this event, the replacement would serve until June 30, 2018.
**In this event, the replacement would serve until May 15, 2018.


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Check out our new digs!

A newly redesigned website has launched for the Liberty Central School District, after 14 months of planning, design, production, and content migration. While the new site retains the vast amount of information that was available on the old site, key new features include a cleaner, more attractive design, with enhanced search and navigation features. Another new feature is a searchable staff directory that allows users to search for faculty and staff by first name, last name, school, email, or phone number. The directory can be found under “contact us” on the homepage.

All district news will be posted on the homepage, and automatically archived by month and school. Visitors will notice most information is categorized by six major topics: About Us, Academics, Athletics, Board of Education, Departments & Services and News. Clicking each of these tabs will bring visitors to a new page with several sub-heads of information relevant to the main title.

All school pages have a consistent design and organization. This will help visitors know where to look to find particular information and to keep visitors connected to the overall district site as they navigate between school and district pages. Announcements pertaining to specific buildings will continue to be posted on individual school homepages.

The new design also incorporates a responsive layout that adapts to different screen viewers (smart phones, tablets and desktop computers), as well as multiple web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). As a result, there should be minimum need for resizing, panning or scrolling.

The district welcomes any feedback from the community about its new website. Email the Liberty Communications Specialist with questions, comments or suggestions.

The new website was produced in partnership with the Capital Region BOCES Communications Service.

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