LHS students receive Academic Block L awards

On Thursday, May 18, all Liberty High School held its annual academic Block L awards assembly. The purpose of the assembly is to acknowledge academic success in allsubjects at all grade levels in the high school. The list below shows the students who received awards in various categories:

Mr. Timothy Hamblin – Outstanding Music Awards
Fred Waring Award for Chorus                     Leanna Zilles
John Philip Sousa Band Award                      Leanna Zilles
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award                         Thomas Clark
National School Chorus Award                      Thomas Clark
Patrick Gilmore Director’s Award for Band     Alison DeFrank

Mr. Justen Mills – Outstanding Physical Education Students
9th Grade: Nichole Connol, Aaron Cutler
10th Grade: Abrielle Milling,
Andrew Bendy, John DePaolo
11th Grade: Susan Kehrley,
Tyler Hemion, Jeremy Male
12th Grade: Jacquline Perez-Cordero,
Frank DeGroat
Aerobics –
Personal Fitness: Kassidy DeGroat,
Raeleigh Ranne
Advanced Personal Fitness: Maria Symanski,
Joseph Jandik

Mr. Brad Molusky – Outstanding Health Students
Tracy Torrens, Michael Fritz

Mrs. Kath Johansen – Outstanding Art Students
Mrs. Jennifer Bull
Photography 1 – Gabriela Nolan
Photography 2 – Maria Symanski
Photography 3 – Jade Balser
Studio Art – Andralyn LaGattuta, Morgan Roth
Advanced Studio – Kristen Brooks
Ceramics – Jade Balser
Graphic Design – Lillian Rodriguez
Graphic Design 2 – Jonathan Wilson
Drawing and Painting – Maria Symanski
Drawing and Painting 2 – Naomi Fitzgerald
Video Production – Liang Ouyang
Video Production 2 – Ariana AuClair

Mrs. Julie Buck – Outstanding Social Studies Students
Global History and Geography 9 – Nicole Blais
Global History and Geography 10 – Paul Symanski
US History and Government – Morgan Van Keuren
College US History and Government – Jordan Russo
College Intro to Political Science – Maria Symanski, Leanna Zilles
Economics – Maria Symanski
Government – Joseph Jandik

Mr. Michael Hazelnis  – Outstanding Science Students
Pre-Living Environment – Hilary Ortiz-Vega
Living Environment – Harsh Patel
Earth Science – Jarod Hellerer
Forensics – Priyaben Patel
Chemistry – Paul Symanski
Physics of Toys – Carl McGuire
Physics – Joseph Jandik
AP Biology – Jordan Russo

Mr. Daniel Hart – Outstanding Business Students
Accounting – Joseph Greco
Marketing – Cindy Diaz
Business Computer Applications – Maria Symanski
Career and Financial Management – Maria Symanski
Business Law – Daniela Mercado
Business Math – Maria Symanski, Harsh Patel

Ms. Michele Quick – Outstanding Spanish Students
 Spanish II – Brianna Roth
Spanish III – Sarah Kleinberger
Spanish IV – Olivia Racette
Spanish V – Tatiana Leveron Quintanilla

Mrs. Laurene McKenna – Outstanding Math Students
Pre-Algebra – Jadenn Perez
Algebra 1A – Wendy Mendoza
Algebra 1B – Kimberly Brengard
Algebra 1 – Joseph Call
Geometry – Brianna Roth
Algebra 2 – Harsh Patel
Advanced Algebra – Katharyn Conklin
Precalculus – Olivia Racette
Calculus – Leanna Zilles
Math with Financial Application – Kateryna VanName

Mr. William Fleck – Outstanding English Students
9th Grade – Leah Fitzgerald, Gavin Racette
10th Grade – Benjamin Quackenbush
11th Grade – Ted-elijah Torres
Composition I – Leanna Zilles
Effective Writing – Allegra Ramirez
Cinema – Jordan Cherepanov
Speech – Gaetano Fontana
Advanced Placement English – Daniella Mercado

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LHS Art Walk celebrates student works

On Friday, May 19, all three Liberty schools will join in one
event that celebrates student art.

The Elementary and Middle School Art Show will be hosted by the
Liberty Library (189 North Main Street) from and the Liberty High School show will hosted by the Liberty Museum (46 South Main Street) from 4-7 p.m.

Beginning at 4 p.m., students from Liberty’s National Art Honor
Society will escort groups in an Art Walk along Main Street, where
many exhibits will be on display.

A fun tradition, the Art Walk process is simple — proceed at your
own pace, stop at artwork that captures your fancy, stroll around
main street that is peppered with photographs, paintings,
sculptures and more.

Be prepared to be surprised by the wide array of artistic styles
that are represented by Liberty students, from traditional to
contemporary, from still life to impressionism and more.

Additionally, the LHS Art Department will unveil its the new
banners that will decorate both sides of Main Street. The banners
will feature student artwork and have been made possible through a
grant that the department received in April from Sullivan

The district’s elementary and middle school students
will simultaneously display their photography at their spring art show reception at the Liberty Public Library. Can’t make Friday’s event?
Artwork will be on display until June 13.

Event Details:

From 4-6 p.m., National Art Honor Society students will guide
small groups through Liberty, starting from the Liberty Museum and
stopping at each Art Walk attraction point.

The district’s elementary and middle school students
will simultaneously display their photography at their spring art
show reception at the Liberty Public Library

At 6:30 p.m., the Art Department will unveil its new banners
which will decorate both sides of Main Street. There will be an
auction of the full size banners.

At 7:30 p.m., the school’s art department will present student
awards, followed by the National Art Honor Society Induction at 8

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Voters approve school budget; elect BOE members

On Tuesday, May 16, voters in the liberty Central School District approved the proposed budget by a vote of 324 to 111. The proposed budget included no increase in the district’s tax levy.

The results of the Board of Education elections are shown below. Those persons elected will serve three year terms.

Robert Keith Torrens: 298 votes  – Elected
Anthony R. Sinacore: 241 votes  – Elected
Cindy Prince: 155 votes – Not Elected
Barbara A. Kelly: 246 votes  – Elected
Marta Illiing: 205 votes – Not Elected

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LCSD starts Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers mentoring program

Students in grade 9-10 have an opportunity to participate in the
Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers (TSTT) mentoring program at
Liberty Central School District.

TSTT is a career development and mentoring program that recruits and trains students for college, and later, a rewarding career in teaching. TSTT mentors these students by preparing them with effective leadership skills while still in high school.

The program is part of a school initiative that supports and
mentors students who would like to pursue a career in education.
The program’s advisor, Lisa Adrian-Davies, helps to identify,
recruit, and mentor those current students who after college may
return to Liberty classrooms as teachers and school leaders.

TSTT has received national recognition for its successful career
partnership model and was cited by former US Secretary of
Education, Richard W. Riley as “an innovative program that
embodies many of the goals and objectives for educational
excellence and should serve as a model for other regions in the

TSTT serves more than 300 high school students and over 300
college students who come from nearly 50 high schools in
Connecticut, New York, Virginia and Massachusetts. According to
its website, TSTT has a proven track record places increasing the
number of minority and economically disadvantaged students on the
teacher track.

Additionally, TSTT students can qualify for a minimum 50 percent
tuition scholarship from its growing roster of partner colleges.

Students are requested to attain a B+ average by their senior year, volunteer for two hours a week as a tutor and volunteer for twenty hours in the summer.

TSTT program features include:
• Career Development Workshops
• Teaching with Technology Conferences
• Teacher Mentors
• Tutor Training
• Job Shadowing
• College Guidance and Visits
• SAT Preparation
• Summer Internships
• College and Career Counseling Assistance

Why join TSTT?
“There is a great need for strong and effective leadership in our
community,” Ms. Adrian-Davies said. “All students in
Liberty Central School District are emerging leaders, and TSTT can
help them develop a deeper understanding of leadership concepts
from different perspectives.”

TSTT members meet regularly in the high school and may take part
in TSTT excursions such as college visits, career and leadership
based workshops, and conferences. Soon they will begin weekly
tutoring sessions with middle school students and students who
speak English as a Second Language.

The club recently went to Ellenville High School to attend
workshops on leadership, financial planning, and conflict
resolution. It was also a great opportunity to meet like-minded
students from Sullivan County.

These future teachers are below: (front row) Ana Barragan, Destiny
Pearson, Stefanie Quintanilla; (back row) Leah Fitzgerald,
Gabriella Fontana, Maleiah Drayton, Nijah Poole, Ciara Mathis.

Students who would like to learn more about TSTT can contact Lisa
Adrian-Davies at LAdrianDavies@libertyk12.org or (845) 292-5400
ext. 4209.

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