District adopts Alternative Veterans Exemption

At its meeting  on Feb. 23, the Liberty Board of Education adopted the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption at the minimum level, which exempts a portion of eligible veterans’ property values from school taxes based on state law.

Liberty adopted the minimum level of exemptions for eligible veterans:
• Basic exemption – 15 percent off the assessed value of qualified residential properties (up to $6,000)
• Combat Zone exemption – in addition to Basic, 10 percent off for vets who have served in a combat zone (up to $4,000)
• Disabled Veterans exemption – in addition to Basic (and Combat Zone, if applicable), a variable discount based upon a service-related disability (up to $20,000)

While property tax exemptions for veterans have been in effect statewide since the 1980s, they have until now only been applied to the county and town portions of a veteran’s tax bill. In 2013, the New York State Legislature approved an amendment to expand the program to school districts, which Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law in December 2013.

Veterans with already approved exemptions on file with their local municipality do not need to reapply for a school tax exemption. However, new exemption applications must be filed with the town assessor by March 1, 2016, for September 2017 school tax bills and January 2017 town/city/village tax bills.

Please contact your local town assessor for questions about eligibility and applications.


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Salad bars added to cafeteria choices

Students who have access to salad bars in their school cafeterias
eat three times more fruits and vegetables than their peers who
don’t. And these extra servings can add up to better health and
better grades. Thanks to a “Let’s Move” fundraising campaign,
Liberty Central School District is ensuring all 1,625 of its
students are offered plenty of fresh produce options, daily.

Beginning in June, students will be able to eat fresh vegetables
and fruit from a salad bar thanks to a grant from “Let’s Move
Salad Bars to Schools” its partner, the Whole Kids Foundation and
Cornell Cooperative Extension. “Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools,” part of first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, is an initiative to increase the healthy fruits and vegetables that children have access to in
school. The program launched in 2010 and has granted salad bars to
more than 4,100 schools, nationwide.

In July 2015, Liberty Schools’ Food Services Director Dara Smith
submitted an application through the “Let’s Move Salad Bars to
Schools” website to request the salad bars for the schools.

“The district was interested in using salad bars as a way to
encourage more students to participate in their meal program, as
well as to meet new federal school lunch nutrition standards that
require schools to serve an increased amount and variety of fruit
and vegetables each day,” she said.

The grant provides a complete salad bar package including the
Cambro brand bar, the pans, pan covers, tongs and ice packs to
keep the items chilled throughout the lunch service. Schools are
then responsible for providing the produce. Each of the salad bars
costs $2,825 and Salad bars have a useful life expectancy of 10

If you have any questions please contact Dara Smith at
845-292-5400 ext. 2040.

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