Mock car crash sends powerful message to LHS teen drivers

With prom season in full bloom and graduation just around the corner, Liberty High School provided a direct look at the dangers that can come with getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Student volunteers of Liberty High School paired up with local public safety officials to conduct a mock car accident in the school’s parking lot on Tuesday, May 26. The event included a real-life look at the aftermath of a two-car crash after one of the drivers had been drinking.

The mock-accident scene, which was located in the high school parking lot, told the tale of a head-on collision between a packed car of prom-bound teens and another vehicle. The cries and screams of the victims echoing through the parking lots and the convergence of numerous emergency vehicles including fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars drove home the significance of the simulation – drinking and driving kills and speed kills.

The simulation, coordinated by Assistant High School Principal Anthony Sinacore, takes place every other year.

“What was reenacted is too often a reality and we don’t want to lose a single student in such a tragic, senseless way,” Mr. Sinacore said.

The simulation included emergency personnel from J. C. Young Hose Company,
Swan Lake and White Sulphur Springs Fire Departments, Grahamsville and Liberty Ambulance Squads as well as the Liberty Police Department.

Nine students participated in the reenactment with firefighters, police officers, paramedics and a coroner on hand to help create the scene.

Assistant Chief John Nicholas helped lead the reenactment and said the goal was to show all of the students the situation after someone elects to drive while impaired.

These types of reenactments are popular during prom season and near the end of graduation, to reinforce that students understand the consequences that can come with drinking and driving.

In order to stage the crash, Liberty Police and Fire Department strategically smashed two cars to make it look as though they had been damaged in an accident. Firefighters, doctors, nurses and paramedics acted out the crash as if they were being called to an actual crash scene. Officer Devin Brust, the Liberty Central School District’s School Resource Officer, gave the driver a sobriety test.

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