Report bullying, other troubles, via phone/tablet

This is a reminder that students, parents and others can  report bullying and other troubles that may impact students in Liberty Central School from their cell phones and tablets with the app that is available from Anonymous Alerts. The app is an extension of the agreement the School District reached recently with Anonymous Alerts, a patented, anonymous two-way communications system that empowers students to anonymously report bullying and harassment, weapons, drug and alcohol usage and other safety concerns directly to school officials.


Anonymous Alerts allows students, parents and staff members to submit a report to the appropriate building level administrator directly from an iPhone or iPad, smartphone, tablet or computer. The encrypted information is sent immediately through private messages and images may be attached to the messages.

Message topics include student bullying, depression, family difficulties, drug and alcohol problems, sexual harassment, guns or other weapons in school or unusual student behavior that may warrant immediate attention by school officials or police.



1. How does Anonymous Alerts work?

The mobile apps and Web-based reporting system provides secure 1-way or 2-way encrypted messages, increasing the flow of important information to school officials. All reports remain completely anonymous, although submitters have the option to reveal their identity if they prefer to have a person-to-person discussion.

2. How do I submit a report from my smart phone?

From the iPhone Store, download the free app by searching for “Anonymous Alerts”. If you have an Android phone go to the Play Store, search for “Anonymous Alerts” and download. After downloading the app, click on it, enter setup/login Liberty and enter Liberty as your Password.

3. I don’t have a smart phone. How can I submit a report?

Go to from any Internet connected device. You can find a link to Anonymous Alerts on the right hand column. Click on the web button called “Anonymous Alerts” and fill out your incident report.

4. What can I report?

Message topics for submission may include bullying, cyber-bullying, family issues, self-harm/cutting, drug and alcohol abuse, student depression, sexual harassment, gang related issues or strange/abnormal student behavior.

5. Who can report?

Anyone with a concern can make a report, whether it is about yourself or something you have witnessed.

6. Who sees my report?

The report is sent to the school building’s administration team from the building you selected on the report.

7. How long will it take to get a response?

As soon as possible, but no later than three school days following receipt of a complaint an investigation will begin. If you request to be contacted anonymously or reveal your identity, an administrator will reply to you within this timeframe.

8. How do I ensure that my report stays anonymous?

Your report will remain confidential. During investigations your identity may be discovered, but administration will protect your identity as appropriate in each case.

9. Why is Anonymous Alerts asking for my e-mail address? Doesn’t this eliminate anonymity?

No. When you type in your email address it becomes encrypted so that administration can maintain a two-way conversation with you, while your identity remains anonymous.

10. How can I add a screenshot?

At the bottom of the report there is a check box to add a photo or screenshot. When you submit the report it will bring you to a new page to upload and crop your image

11. This form only allows 150 characters. What if I need additional space?

You may leave a request to be contacted. Remember, when you request to be contacted anonymously your email is not visible, protecting your identity.

12. What happens after I submit a report?

You will receive a confirmation code. To discuss your matter anonymously with your school you can refer to this code. It will also prompt you to leave contact information anonymously or not.