Lunch Menu


Week of Feb. 19
Monday, Feb. 19: School closed for Presidents’ Day
Tuesday, Feb. 20: chicken nuggets with confetti rice with cucumber spears and fat free ranch
Wednesday, Feb. 21: Tostitos with half baked potato and steamed broccoli
Thursday, Feb. 22: meatloaf with gravy, green beans and mashed potatoes
Friday, Feb. 23: calzone or stromboli, roasted chickpeas

Week of Feb. 26
Monday, Feb. 26: Liberty burger with baked beans, tater tots and fixings
Tuesday, Feb. 27: hard shell tacos, rice and refried beans, shredded cheese, lettuce and tomato
Wednesday, Feb. 28: chicken patty parm with pasta and sauce, zucchini, bread and butter
Thursday, March 1: hot ham and cheese on a whole wheat bun, vegetable soup
Friday, March 2: calzone or Stromboli, assorted pizza, veggie sticks with ranch

Week of March 5:
Monday, March 5: Toasted cheese with tomato soup, cucumber spears and fat free ranch
Tuesday, March 6: Roast chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, bread and butter
Wednesday, March 7: Baked ziti with green beans and bread and butter
Thursday, March 8: Chicken fajita with savory rice and confetti corn
Friday, March 9: Conference Day – School Closed for students



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