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Recovering student joins speech class thanks to technology 

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Recovering student joins speech class through Facetime App and J Touch TVHe may have crashed his motorcycle into a bulldozer, but Liberty High School senior Carl McGuire (or now, more affectionately known – “Mr. Adrenaline”) has found a way to join speech class even as he recovers at home.

Thanks to a J-Touch TV--and a little help from the Facetime app and friend Joshwa Benjamin--Carl was able to make his first appearance in school since the incident. The topic of his speech? His accident and recovery, of course.

"At the hospital, [the doctors and nursing staff] kept asking me if I was going to quit riding motorcycles," Carl explained to the class. "And I told them I wouldn't ride until next week."

He's actually been off the bikes a little longer than that, but Mr. Adrenaline plans on saddling up just as soon as he's able.

Carl McGuire does perfect impersonation of Leo DiCaprio as Jay Gastby for HalloweenIn the meantime, his classmates were tickled to see him. Even with his bedhead, he seemed Jay-Gatsby perfect, and promised to return live and in person after the Winter Break.

In the meantime, Carl encourages his friends to come see him.

"I *can* leave the house!" he not-so-subtley hinted.

The speech class is taught by Liberty High School veteran teacher Bill Fleck.

Pictured above: River Lounsbury, Carl McGuire, Joshwa Benjamin, Tatiana Leveron Quintanilla


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