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LMS students talk over concerns following presidential election

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Impromptu meeting called by school officials to discuss political process with students

Seventh- and eighth- graders at Liberty Middle School came together to discuss their concerns during an impromptu meeting called with school officials this morning, after it became evident that some students had significant apprehensions on the heels of Tuesday’s presidential elections.

During the meeting, students voiced their confusion and concerns about how future policy changes could affect local students and their families.

Teachers reminded students about how America’s three branches of government operate with its series of checks and balances, and that as future voters, they can affect political outcomes when they turn 18. “We invited our eighth graders especially to pay attention to how our country is operating over the next four years as many of them will be eligible to vote in the next presidential election cycle,” social studies teacher Kort Wheeler said.

The meeting closed with a call for students to be mindful that not everyone will agree with the results, as was experienced during the student mock election that took place last week and the importance of showing respect for differing opinions.  

“We also reminded students that the school community as a whole is symbolic of the greater community of the country and that how we conduct ourselves together in school can serve as a model for greater tolerance and understanding in the world,” English as a Second Language teacher Jeff Hall said.

Parents with any questions or concerns can contact the school's main office and speak to Richard Schacher.
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